The Evening Three – 5-8-09

Good evening! Due to the fact that I’m feeling terribly sick this evening, I have decided to simply review two albums, with both putting me at just over an hour.
1) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: Considering all of the noise that I listen to, and all the noise that gets released every week of every year, sometimes, it’s nice to listen to soft Shoegazing bliss. Delivering a soft bullet of dreamy, Velvet Underground-esque bedroom music, much like M83’s truly stunning debut, Saturdays = Youth, of last year. If you get a chance to hear this album, take it. Go and download it, and spend 30 minutes just listening to it. In fact, just click here.
Key tracks: “Contender,” “This Love is Fucking Right,” “Stay Alive,” “Everything With You”
Rating: 4.5

2) Jeremy Enigk – OK Bear: First off, it’s nice to hear Enigk’s voice again. I’ll spare you the long-winded “ohmygod Sunny Day Real Estate!” and skip to the point of this. Since SDRE, it seems Enigk has decided to try on something a little more singer/songwriter, with an album bearing the same lyrical passion as Diary or The Rising Tide, but with a fresh sound. Granted, it’s not as focused as either of the two albums mentioned, but it shows that Enigk still has the spark and the heart that made SDRE what they were.
Key tracks: “Late of Camera,” “Sandwich Time,” “In A Look,” “Same Side Imaginary”
Rating: 3


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