REVIEW: And The Giraffe – Something for Someone

Will you please forgive me for my sins?

At the top of my page, right there, there’s the option to suggest music. As of this writing, three different bands/musicians have sent me their work to write about, and thus far, I haven’t really had the want to do so. It’s nothing personal to these musicians, I’ve just never felt like the type to expose upstarts. But then I found myself thinking to myself, that’s exactly the kind of journalism I did when I was 15. I wrote about new bands, and tried to pick out the ones that I thought were going to blow up. Often, I was right (I called that The Fray were going to explode, though I really wish I was wrong about everything I said, in hindsight), and I have been somewhat wrong (Los Campesinos! aren’t playing Madison Square Garden any time soon, even if they have improved with every single record they have released). But there was no better feeling, back then, than getting to say, “watch this band.” Now, six years later, I may be about as renowned as I was when I was writing on Blogspot and MySpace, but I have gotten to the point in writing where people have told me they like what I write. This gives me a unique edge, and I can now help.

So, I chose the most recent musician to send me their work, a band from Gainesville, FL, called And The Giraffe. Something for Someone is a short listen; at six songs and just under 23 minutes, it’s a morsel bite-sized enough to get a good idea of what’s going on right off the bat. Right away, on “Underground Love,” the notes flood out, almost feeling like early Explosions in the Sky. Once the vocals kick in, it’s almost like Mark Kozelek decided to start a post-rock band. It’s an interesting combination of sounds, but it works well.

One thing that stands out over the course of the six songs is that, for an upstart, they’re a band that already knows what sound they want to make, and are very much comfortable with it. It’s a rare thing to come across, as most bands are still trying to find their sound once their second record drops, but here we have two people who are assured of themselves that their sound comes fully formed right out of the gate. It’s a feeling that makes me see a lot of promise, to be sure. The songwriting on the EP is almost dreamlike; once you try and grab hold of a line, it slips out of your fingers. It’s the lighter-side of dream-like folk music, where the sounds being made are almost projected from somewhere else entirely.

All of the songs on Something for Someonesound approximately the same. This is more of a statement than a complaint: It’s easy to forget that, sometimes, the best bands are the ones that embody an atmosphere, rather than making every song sound as unique as it can. Slowcore is a genre that I never minded too much, because bands like Low and Red House Painters always made songs that had a like-minded sound to them. Even if you couldn’t pick them apart if you weren’t paying attention, they were always great to immerse yourself in. Given time, I imagine And The Giraffe will follow in the same footsteps, begging for immersion.

Note: if you click on the album cover above, you can download a copy of this EP, for the price of an email address. It’s worth it.


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