REVIEW: Swans – The Seer

I see all.

So, okay. Look. Listen. Holy shit.

To a Swans newbie, it’s hard to sum up The Seer. So, I’m going to just leave it at those words. Holy shit.

You would do extremely well to listen to this album now. Set aside two hours. Just listen to the thing. Play it loudly. I’m not sure if headphones or speakers make it more enjoyable, though headphones definitely allow the sound of this record to resonate in your head more effectively.

Let the crushing tidal wave of sound crash against you, perpetually invading and retreating, never quite giving you the break you deserve. Marvel at the mind-blowing journey you’ll realize you’ve strapped yourself into when you discover the length of the album’s title track. Don’t be scared by the record. Embrace this thing. It, in and of itself, is something of a religious experience. Open your heart to this tower of sonic brilliance.

Mother of god.


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