LIVE: Screaming Females, The Know, Portland, OR

By Cory Butcher

The Know was packed on a cold Portland night (seriously it has been so cold), as a throng of eager music fans crammed themselves into the intimate venue to see Screaming Females. Portland garage band The Ghost Ease were up first, playing a tight set that set the tone for the night. By the end of their performance, the crowd had grown, and they were very into it.

Next up was SoCal pop-punk act Upset, a new band fronted by former Best Coast/Vivian Girls drummer Ali Koehler, and featuring former Hole drummer Patty Schemel. Their sound was similar to Koehler’s previous bands, but more upbeat and melodic than Best Coast, more pop than punk.

By the time Screaming Females hit the stage, there was barely any room to stand in the venue (even moreso than usual at The Know). I craned my neck over the crowd from the back corner, and was rewarded with an amazing show. Marissa Paternoster was unstoppable, going from one song to the next, furiously shredding on her guitar, playing riff after riff. To be honest, the whole show was kind of a blur (beer is cheap at The Know), but I walked out a fan, and I fully encourage anyone who has the chance to go see Screaming Females as many times as possible.

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