LIVE: Polica, Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

By Darren Hicks

By the time I got to the Wonder Ballroom, not many people had arrived, possibly since doors opened around 2 hours before show time. In the time between my arrival and the downing of the lights, the place had filled out.

There may have been about less than ten people in the ballroom when i got there, and I imagine even less knew what to expect from opener Marijuana Deathsquads. Of the three drum kits assembled on-satge, two were utilized, and both drummers were in full force, sounding like a full belt of bullets being unleashed. If one closed their eyes and thought too hard, WWII-esque flashbacks could be conjured. Put that together with Isaac Gale’s distorted and played-with to the point of unrecognizable guitar, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of the sonic assault of Marijuana Deathsquads. Polica frontwoman Channy Leaneagh came out briefly to guest on one of their songs from this year’s Oh My Sexy Lord, and it was a perfect fit. I’d rrecommend looking up one of their performances.

Awhile later, Polica strutted on to play their Minneapolis-born, dark, goth-pop. Songs from both their LPs (this year’s Shulamith and last year’s Give Up the Ghost) were given new life in a live setting — especially the more recent material — and Leaneagh’s vocals filled the room with magic. Every sound was nice and crisp, and it was lovely way to spend a Friday evening.

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