Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016: The Zack Perry Report




The Gorge Amphitheater at Dusk // Credit: Zack Perry

By Zack Perry // All Photos by Zack Perry

Author’s Note: While this began as an outline for a piece that was going to be much more conventional and formal, I realized that this outline encapsulated the energy of Sasquatch better than any conventional write-up. Sasquatch is a festival of such incredible magnitude that the magic all blurs together – everything that winds up standing out is just a moment in time. Sasquatch is just this 5 day stretch of time threaded together by one incredible moment after another, there really is no conventional way to capture it. I don’t claim or pretend to believe that the way I recount my experience is the “proper” way to do it, I just believe it’s the one that best suits me. So, please, enjoy.

Leading Up/Thursday:

  1. Check My Phone’s Email Randomly To See Sasquatch Had Approved My Media Pass/ Drop My Phone/Long History Of Narrowly Missing Sasquatch/First Time Finally Making It Out/Overwhelming Sense Of Gratitude/Having To Find A Ride Last Second/”I Had Completely Forgotten About Sasquatch Until My Press Pass Was Confirmed And I Had To Figure Camping Out”/Party Moms From The 80s Hooking It Up With A Gold Camp Ticket
  2. Departure From SE Portland/The 6 Hour Drive/Arriving To The Festival At Sundown/Awestruck By Beauty/ “THIS Is Gold Camp?”/ Lucked Out/ Camping in Gold/Turns Out Camp Is At The Entrance To The Ampitheater/Meeting Up With The Moms/Setting Up Campsite With The Help Of My Wyoming Born Neighbors/Early Bedtime For An Early Riser


  1. Okay Maybe Waking Up At 6 AM Was A Little Hasty For Day One/Music Doesn’t Start Until 4, What Am I To Do?/Walking Around, Taking Pictures, Searching For Beer/I Have Seen 3 Texas Lonestars In 20 Minutes/Found An Abandoned Post At The Edge Of The Campgrounds, Smoked A Bowl In The Porta Potties, Because Who Can Tell Me No?/Find My Ride In GA/Drink Beer And Eat Vodka Gummies/Back To Camp To Eat And Maybe Drink More Beer/Time To Officially Begin Sasquatch
  2. Telekenisis Has a Drummer For A Singer/Unkown Mortal Orchestra Can Fucking Shred And Sufficiently Melted My Face/Shoutout To Andra Day For Being An Angel In Human Form/Andra Day’s Voice Carries Throughout The Entire Gorge
  3. Walking Up The Hill To See The View Of The Gorge For The FIRST Time/Everybody Said I Would Cry/I Can Understand Why Now/There Is No Other View Like This In Musical History
  4. What Happens When Vince Staples Has 2+ Years Of Touring Underneath His Belt/Why Vince Staples Is The Best Rapper/Vince Staples Continually Gets Better With Every Show/Vince Staples Murdered Sasquatch/Vince Staples Now Serving 500+ Consecutive Life Sentences/Vince Staples Gets Early Release For Good Behavior/Vince Staples Bodies ANOTHER Crowd The Next Night/The Cycle Continues
  5. It’s 9 In The Evening, Do You Know Where Your A$AP Rocky Is At?/It’s 9:20, Why Is A$AP Rocky’s DJ Still Playing?/It’s 9:30 Why Is A$AP Twelvy The Only A$AP We Have Right Now?/It’s 9:40, I Believe The Crowd Is Suffieciently Warmed Up Now/It’s 9:43, Where In The World Is A$AP Rocky?/A$AP Rocky Appears Out Of Thin Air Like He Had Been There All Along/Rocky Hits The Stage Like A Bull In Heat/Rocky Makes Up For Lost Time 10-Fold/Rocky Plays The Hits/Rocky Plays A Thirty-Five Minute Set/People Are Still Satisfied/
  6. Chet Faker Is One Funky Duckling/I Heard Multiple Mentions Of His Cover Of No Diggity From Opposite Ends Of The Campgrounds Within An Hour And A Half(Before His Set Even Happened)/How Do You Define Chet Faker?/Chet Faker Is Music That People Can Dance To
  7. Regretting Not Having A Laptop With Me/This Coverage Would Be Substantially Different If I Had, Though/Media Lounge Is Lit/Time For Bed, Back At It Again Tomorrow/Fall Asleep At One



Ty Segall // Credit: Zack Perry

  1. Rise To The Sun Directly In My Fucking Face/Switch Positions In My Tent Until I Give Up/Get Up Too Early/Go Into The Festival Early Because Fuck It/Directly To Media Lounge/Media Lounge Is Still Lit, Fam/Saturday Is The Most Musically Stacked Lineup Of My Life, Thus Far…
  2. Tangerine Sound Exactly Like Their Name/Brothers From Another Could Not Be More Grateful To Be Here/Positive Hip Hop Reigns Supreme At Sasquatch
  3. Speaking Of Positive Hip Hop, Raury Is The Prodigal Indigo Child/Raury And I Are The Same Age/Raury Takes Performing To Another Level/I Witnessed Raury Drain All Of His Energy Into The Crowd/Raury Might Not Be A Preacher, But He Can Take Your Ass To Church And Show You Glimpses Of Heaven
  4. Natasha Leggero Is A Standup Comedian/Natasha Leggero Is A Really GOOD Standup Comedian/Natasha Leggero “Dresses Casual” For Sasquatch/Natasha Leggero Just Got Married But Won’t Call Her Boyfriend Her Husband Yet/Natasha Leggero Didn’t Think She Was The Kind Of Comedian You Smoke Weed To?
  5. Ty Segall Might Be Wearing The Same Baby Mask As Me?/How Awkward Would It Be If We Showed Up Wearing The SAME Baby Mask?/Ty Segall Fucks With Photographers/Ty Segall Almost Puked On The Photographers/Ty Segall Wearing A Grateful Dead Shirt, Which Is Ironic Because His Band Is The Psych-Garage Rock Version Of The Dead
  6. Back To The Media Lounge/Recuperating Off Of Free Snacks And Positive Energy/How Am I This Tired Already? Right, No Caffeine/Who Is M. Ward? Right, She & Him/Oh Yeah, M. Ward Is Everywhere/M. Ward Is Dadrock Incarnate/M. Ward Is A Love Song Virtuoso
  7. Lucas Brothers Cancelled And I Don’t Know If I Can Ever Forgive Them/Took A Nap On The Hill During Digable Planets/’Dog It’ Is Still A Fucking Banger/Blind Pilot Are The Happiest Guys To Ever Perform Sad Songs
  8. Beat Connection Are If Your High School’s Varsity Polo Team Found Out That They Could Get Laid Easier If They Just Played Music/Time For Another Little Break To Garner Energy For The Rest Of The Night
  9. Vic Mensa Has 30 Riot Cop Cutouts On Stage With Him/Vic Mensa Moves Like A Tazmanian Devil With A Speed Problem/Vic Mensa Raps From His Heart/Vic Mensa Performs 16 Shots, A Tribute To LaQuan Donald/Vic Mensa Makes Everyone Painfully Aware Of The Realities Of Police Violence With His Long Outro Featuring News Bulletins About Laquan
  10. Dr. Steve Brule Opens Up For Major Lazer? Announces Season 4 Of His Show/Kids Are Freaking Out Over John C. Reilly/The Surprise Was Ruined For Me Before Sasquatch/Major Lazer Begins And I Lose My Shit/Sprint Down To The Very Bottom/Too Original Comes On While I’m Still Running/Dancing And Running/Gigging For 30 Straight Minutes, Unaware Of My Surroundings/Guy Gets Fresh Glass Beer Taken Away, He Is Sad Panda/Very Few Things Move Me Like Major Lazer Moves Me/Guards Thought I Was High, Nah, I Was Just Dancin’/Perfect Way To End The Day/Who Needs A Tycho Reunion?

Major Lazer // Photo Credit: Zack Perry


  1. Cosmos Took Me Up To The Stratosphere Then Dropkicked Me Back To Earth And I Crash Landed With A Better Idea Of Who I Was As A Person/Since When Did It Become Trendy To Wear NASA Jumpsuits?/Cosmos Are One Of The Few Acts I Saw That Garnered An Encore Chant
  2. The More I Look At My Schedule, Sunday Is So Fucking Stacked It’s Almost Overwhelming How Much Talent Is Here In One Day. Too Bad I Am In The Media Lounge Backing Up All Of My Photos For 2 Hours Because Hannah Is A Lifesaver
  3. The Winds Were Really Raging, So Much So That The Mainstage Had To Cancel All Of The Daytime Sets/ Tacocat, Houndmouth, Saint Motel All Had To Cancel Their Sets/ Tacocat Is Rescheduled For Later, The Others Aren’t/Press Know Nothing/ Nobody Tells Us Anything/Communication Should Be Key, Yet Somehow Isn’t
  4. Lauren Lapkus Improvised On Stage As A Made Up Character For An Hour With Todd Barry/ Lauren Lapkus Is Impressive/ Todd Barry Is Bewildered By Her Answers, Even If He Doesn’t Fully Show It
  5. TACOCAT Killed El Chupacabra/They Got Really Drunk In Between Sets/They Were The Definition Of Fun/Bubbles And Smoke EVERYWHERE/Everyone Is Matching Aesthetics Except For The Dude Guitarist In His 36″ Chain And High Times Hat
  6. Because Leon Bridges‘ Set Was Cancelled, He Decided To Play An Impromptu Set In The Grass Of Main Stage/ Surrounded By Hundreds Of Politely Silent(And Some Who Weren’t) Concertgoers, Leon Serenaded Us With Just An Acoustic Guitar/You Could Feel The Soul From A Mile Away(Which Is What It Felt Like)
  7. Mac Demarco Is A Big Goofball Who Likes To Have Fun/Mac Demarco’s Aesthetic Is A Crooked Smile And Cigarette Holes In Jeans/ This Was The Set Where Kids Were Losing Their Shit The Most
  8. Main Stage Is Back Open Finally/Alabama Shakes Can Put Life Back Into A Cadaver/ The Amount Of Energy That Pours Out Of Brittany Howard Is Insane
  9. Purity Ring Might Have Had The Most Intense Stage Setup I’ve Ever Seen/ Drums Made Out Of Lightup Cottonswabs/Being Serenaded With Angelic Vocals While Kicked In The Throat With Beats
  10. Waiting For The Cure By Playing “How Does Robert Smith Warm Up For A Cure Show?”*/ What Can I Even Say About The Cure That Hasn’t Already Been Written A Thousand Times?/ Obviously Everyone Was Crying/ As Drunk Girl Was Saying As She Clutched Less-Drunk Girl, “This Is Everything…. This Is Everything….This Is Everything…..This…Is…Everything…”
  11. Words Can’t Even Explain How Much I Was Looking Forward To Big Grams/ I Was Actively Dancing To Nothing Just Singing “Big Grams” To Myself As I Waited For Them To Come On/ Big Boi and Phantogram/ The Chemistry Between Them Would Make You Believe They Had Always Been A Group/Big Boi Has MOVES/Sarah Brings Her Mom Out/They Remix Outkast And Phantogram/ They Live Remix Black Out Days/ Big Boi Plays To The Crowd With Mrs Jackson & The Way You Move/They Are Sensational/I Danced With Mac Demarco And Watched John C. Reilly Observe The Crowd
  12. Back To My Camp/Interrupted By “Titty Pong”/What Is Titty Pong?/Fuck It, Let’s Just Play Beer Pong/ “Clyde Drexler!” “Dirk Nowitzky!” “Mike Bibby!”/ “Can We Play If We Bring Extra Beer And Some Tequila?”/ Won One; Lost One/ “Hey Guys Can You Keep It Down? Also, I Don’t Know Whose Pipe That Is, But Outta Sight, Outta Mind, You Know?”/ Here Come The Golf Cart Terrorists Rolling Through Immediately After We Are Told To Quiet Down: PARTY POLICE WE ARE HERE TO DRINK YOUR BEER AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLAYING BY THE RULES… CELEB SHOT…. ROLL OUT BOYS/ / Security Car Rolls In Shortly After/ I Can Smell Trouble From A Mile Away, Time To Go To Bed/ Came Back In The AM, Camp Was GONE, Without A Trace/ Rumors Of A Drug Raid?
  • *Things Robert Smith Does To Prepare For A Cure Show:
    • Watch Mufasa’s Death In The Lion King
    • Watch Old ASPCA “In The Arms Of An Angel” TV Ads
    • Read Where The Red Fern Grows
    • Watch The End Of Old Yeller
    • Reads Local Obituaries
    • Watches Cable TV News
    • Listens To The Audiobook Of Memoirs of a Geisha

The Cure // Credit: Zack Perry


  1. Helping A Friend De-Stress About A Lens Fogging/Feel Like A Metric Ton Of Wet Bricks Hit Me At 2 PM/ Why Did My Immune System Shut Down?/ Why Is It All I Can Think About Is My Illness?/What Kind Of God Makes Me Sick On The Last Day Of Squatch?
  2. Shoutout To Sir The Baptist, I Know I Missed Your Set, But You Were Incredibly Nice, Complimented My Hat, And Everyone I Know Was Floored By Your Set/Everyone Should Go Check Out Sir The Baptist, Wherever He May Be.
  3. The Internet Have Long Since Stepped Out Of The Shadows Of Odd Future/The Internet’s Jazzy Vibes Have You Walking With The Clouds In No Time/Syd The Kid Has The Voice Of An Angel Who’s Been Granted A Work Visa So She Can Stay On Earth And Spread Her Message Through Song
  4. SOAK Has An Abyss In Her Voice/ Her Voice Carries For Miles And Comes From Depths Unknown/ Only 20 But Carries Herself Like A Seasoned Professional/ The Prettiest Teal Fender Strat You Ever Did See
  5. Titus Andronicus Have The Market Cornered For Existential Angst/ Titus Might Be The Punkest Band At Sasquatch/ I Haven’t Heard Riffs Or Drums Like This All Weekend/Titus Normalizes Existential Dread
  6. Oddisee Is Back And Better Than Ever/ Performing At His A Game With His Live Band Backing Him/ Much More Energy Than Treefort/ “The Good Fight” Is One Of The Best Rap Albums Of 2015/ Nobody Will Tell You The Truth Better And Right To Your Face Than Oddisee/ Oddisee Lays Brutal Truths Out So Matter Of Factly It Almost Seems Casual
  7. Had To Return To Titus To Dwell In The Existential Dread For A While/ At This Point Thoughts Become Less Coherent And More Focused On My Deteriorating Well Being/ My Immune System Collapses/ I Am Hit With The Sickness Like A Ton Of Wet Bricks/ Down With The Sickness/ Too Disturbed To Continue At This Pace
  8. Despite Every Fiber Of My Being Telling Me To Lay Down In The Middle Of The Path, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Were Up Next
  9. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Are A Band That Have Been Eluding Me For Years/ Every Time They Play A Portland Show It Is 21+/ Finally Time To See These Australian Weirdos Do Their Thing/ King Gizzard Is Making Out With His Mic Stand/ Why Does He Have A Flute?/ Two Drummers On Stage?/ How Many Band Members Do You Need?/ What Is This, Typhoon?
  10. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Defy All Musical Expectations/ The Only Way To Describe This Band Is With A String Of Loose Adjectives/ Psychedelic-Garage-Lo-Fi-Heavy-Surf-Punk/ What Kind Of King Plays A Flute During A Metal Song?/King Gizzard Revitalized Me Enough To Melt My Face To The Floor/After The Photo Pit Closes I Watch The Rest Of Their Set From The Balcony Of The Media Lounge, It Was Lit.
  11. Meander Over To The Mainstage For Sufjan Stevens/Find A Prime Spot In The Grass Patches To Post Up And Try Not To Pass Out/Group Of 8 Drunkards Stand In Front Of My Prime Spot, Fuck It, I’ll Join Their Group/Join The Drunkards, But Sitting Down/Sufjan Comes On Adorning Angel Wings
  12. Sufjan Stevens Is Much More Of A Musical Genius Than People May Give Him Credit For/The Orchestration Of Sufjan’s Set Was As Angelic As His Wings/His Horns Had Me Weeping, Or Maybe That Was The Illness/ “It Wouldn’t Be A Sufjan Show Without A Few Songs About Death”-Sufjan Stevens/ Thousands Of People Openly Weeping To “Casimir Pulaski Day”, Me Weeping Alongside Them
  13. The Final Hours/How Long Can I Maintain?/Will I Make It To Florence And The Machine?/Time To Rest In The Media Lounge Until Then To Find Out
  14. Turns Out I Could Make It To Florence, But Only Barely/ I Stumbled Up The Hill And Found An Empty Patch Of Grass/Florence Comes On In The Single Most Magnificent Dress You’ve Ever Seen/Her Stage Setup Might Very Well Be The Most Intricate Of The Weekend, For Good Reason/ The Lights Radiating From The Stage Were Almost Cosmic/Florence Welch Might Actually Be A Siren In Disguise/Florence’s Voice Breaks The Sound Barrier/My Ears Achieve A Level Of Bliss They Had Not Experienced Before
  15. Forence And The Machine Are Actually Transcendental/ My Body Can’t Handle Any More Of Her Awesome Power, Or The Terrible Illness Coursing Through It’s Veins/ Painful Goodbye To Florence/Walking Down The Main Hill For The Last Time/Making My Rounds/Saying “Until Next Time” To Everyone Around Me/It’s Been Real Sasquatch

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard // Credit: Zack Perry

Tuesday and Beyond:

  1. Hallucinate All Night In My Tent From My Wicked Fever/Wake Up Unmotivated To Find My Ride In GA/Fall Back Asleep Into The Same Dream 6 Times/Empty The Contents Of My Nose/Ride FINDS ME; Overthrown With Glee/It’s Time To Go/Say My Blessings To The Gods Of Sasquatch For Blessing Me With A 5 Day Excursion Into Nowhereland To See The Best Live Music In The World/Sasquatch Is Truly One Of A Kind And I Realize That Now, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt/One Of The Most Painfully Euphoric Rides Home/Catching A Ride To My Ride/Catching A Ride From My Ride To Home/Jump Into The Shower/Cannonball Into Bed/Sleepsquatch.

    “Thank you and goodnight, Sasquatch.”-Leaving the gates for the last time, for the first time.


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  1. Gary Johnson says:

    Got yourself a true visionary here.

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