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Find myself another girl the sonics lyrics

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It provides sincere commentary on coming-of-age from the perspective of an ever-evolving Black militant artist. Themes of loss, liberation, and love exist on the forefront. This album reflects the purpose of these Black artists, the ones helping lead our revolution: to facilitate physical, spiritual, mental, and psychological unity. The opening track is simple in the best way. Samples, echoing vocals, and repetitive, mantra-like lyrics are motifs found throughout Forever, Ya Girl.

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Find Myself Another Girl

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By soul45s, October 9, In Event Playlists. Some of my plays, not in order Brothers of Soul - Hurry, don't linger. Jimmy Mcfarland - Lonely Lover. Wayne Anthony - Blow me a kiss. Mickey Denton - Now im Mr Blue. Halos - Just keep on loving me. Eddie Holman - I'll cry tears. Deena Johnson - Breaking point. Johnny Sayles - Anything for you. George Wydell - Funny Feeling. Acquinettes - When you get some money. Zena Foster - Baby, let me teach you.

Art Wheeler - That's how much I love you. Richard Knight-Show stopper-Allen. Kelly Bros. Lee Rogers-Love and War-Wheelsville. Funny FeelingGeorge WydellTangerine. Bobby Reed - I'll find a way. Gladys King - Orange. Erma Franklin - Abracadabra.

Orlons - Envy. BJ Thomas - Keep it up. Dee Dee Sharp - Bye bye baby. Vandellas - Motoring. Chris Clark - Loves gone bad. Derek Martin - Breakaway. Tony Fiddes 9 - 10pm. Tony Poff 10 - Thelma Jones-Mr. Donald Height Days-Shout. Ste Andrew 10 - John Edge 1 - 2am. Right, can read it now. All good that! Sonics on Almon. I can't get that bloody pop song outta me head I gather ur on about the Sandpipers i wont play that if u promise not to play that awful Willie and the Handjives again that includes Ste.

No Deal. Better late than never Derek We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Event Playlists Search In. Bradford Ebuc 8. Posted October 9, Share this forum post soul source url Social source share. Posted October 10, Posted October 11, Not bad, except, I can't get that bloody pop song outta me head No Deal T.

Posted October 12, Posted December 4, edited. Apologies for my lateness in posting up my playlist. Posted December 4, Go To Topic Listing. More Source Forum Topics. Bradford Ebuc Bradford Last Night - sat25 Th. Source Adverts. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. I accept.

The Sonics

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The Symbol was laced with fennel Left hand then shift the right foot touched the pedal! Bank Holiday Monday Woke up I want to stick him real hard with a kitchen knife But we share the same bed in my mam's house tonight I wait I wait I wait until he walks up the lane It's all th

Go to Item :. Items Per Page : 25 50 Producer Leon Michels took it back in the studio and made it into a proper two stepper, slowed it down a touch, and added percussion and Wurly. The result is another sure shot side for the dance floor from one of New York City's most adored underground acts. Like many of the girl group classics, 'Boy Don't Be Afraid' is a song about love.

Sonic Adventure - Song Lyrics

Yeah Babe. I woke up at the crack of Dawn I brushed her hair out of my eyes and I said "so long" To a one night stand I couldn't stand no more How was I to know she'd come knockin' on my door? That chick would hunt me down like the FBI? Cruisin' in my Stingray on the Strip the other night Saw a fine young thing She was lookin' outtasite Said all she wanted was a place to spend the night I said, "come on, babe, I'll make you feel alright" Took her on home, laid her down on my bed Don't move, baby, til I get some Now you know my story and I hope you agree With my bonafide bachelor philosophy I take what I want I get what I need Satisfaction Guaranteed A mouth was made for more than just talkin' You just wanna talk, well you better start walkin', 'cause I'm alone now, and you're laughing at me But I take life, in a way that you could never see So if you're leaving, you'd better let me know I've already started my plan I'm never gonna let you go, no I've been to the dark side of the moon I've been to the heart of the sun I've been to bed with many ladies, killed many men, before my sixteenth year was done, yes I did So you be forewarned, I'm crawlin' right after you If I catch you, Lord, I'm never gonna let you go Some say I'm an advocate of Lucifer Others say I'm a child of God, yes they do Some say I've got 9 lives of a cat Others say that I'm wretched and a dog, a filthy dog So you be forewarned, I'm crawlin' right after you If I catch you Lord, I'm never gonna let you go So you be forewarned, I'm crawlin' right after you When I catch you Lord, I'm never gonna let you go top BLACK BOX Words: L. Protrudi, music by E. Portnoy In the dark you hear a sound from my basement underground Can't see it but you know it's there Why can't it be just a nightmare? It crawls, it drools, it breathes right down your neck It oozes evil, eats things that are dead You'd better never close your eyes Or I'll be there to take your life Cause I'm the ugly cellar dwellar Fingers crawlin' up your spine Voices callin' from behind You're much too scared to leave your bed It won't be long until you're dead You watch the clock tick your life away The only thing that you can do is pray Your remaining days are few Destiny is calling you I'm the ugly cellar dwellar Every night you lay in fear Knowing that the end is near The sound you hear is hunger pains And all they'll find is your remains Your heart will start beating much too fast The next sound you hear will be your last Now it's time for you to die Don't forget to say goodbye I'm the ugly cellar dwellar Chomp Chomp!

Album Review: Forever, Ya Girl by KeiyaA

By soul45s, October 9, In Event Playlists. Some of my plays, not in order Brothers of Soul - Hurry, don't linger. Jimmy Mcfarland - Lonely Lover. Wayne Anthony - Blow me a kiss.

As its title indicates, 69 Love Songs is a three-volume concept album composed of 69 love songs , all written by Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt. The album was originally conceived as a music revue.

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Have Love Will Travel

I want you to know when things are happening, so if you want to know when things are happening, sign up here! I send out little notes once every couple months. Your secrets and information are safe with me! This is an album about life — the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

Synkronized [UK Bonus Track]. Super Hits of the '80s into the '90s. Christina Aguilera. Supersonic Generation. Supersonic Rocket Ship. Ultimate Collection [Castle].

75 Travel Songs to add to your Playlist in 2020 – Mixtape #2

You can save genre and format selections as shortcuts for quick access to your favourite sections. Everything items You can save this selection to your shortcuts. Log in or create an account to use this feature. Out of stock. Ska and rocksteady , Reggae. Soundtracks , Electronic.

Find the lyrics for Money by The Sonics on Rockol. Find Myself Another Girl · House Party · Busy Body · Live At Easy Street · Live At Easy Street · This Is the.

Awesome and epic travel songs always come in handy when you travel this world. Every adventure deserves great background music. Heck, the music can play an essential of the whole travel experience.

The band's loud, powerful sound is often considered to be extremely influential on the later psychedelic and punk genres. Forming in the wake of the early-' The Monks.

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