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How did you guys meet or met

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did you met him vs did you meet him

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Posted by Pepper on July 23, In the first scenario, the girl and guy meet in school or college, and then fall in love. This is one of the most common scenarios. Probably because the environment is so conducive to dating. The other scenario is where the girl and guy meet at their work place. Dating colleagues is not a very uncommon phenomenon either.

In the third scenario, it is a mutual friend who introduces the said girl and guy. All of these are very acceptable responses to the much dreaded question of where the couple met. In our case, Mint and I have such diverse backgrounds that it makes it very easy for anyone to guess that our match was not arranged.

So we often find ourselves facing this question, where the audience is waiting to hear the beginning of our story with coy smiles. And this is where I find myself stuck. These are times when I wish I could say we met in college, or through a common friend or whatever. How cool would that sound? Speaking the truth makes me feel like some weird freak. His blog to be specific.

And most of the time, saying this to others makes me feel really awkward. It is worse when the question is being asked by an elderly relative. This usually gets me quite mad. Blogs are sacred. You get to know so much about the person authoring them. It tells you about their attitudes, their perspectives, their way of life, and so much more. During my last trip to India, I was talking to a lady who happened to be a family friend of my in laws.

I was going to deny it and correct it, when it struck me that that could have been the version the in laws have given her. So I just smiled, said a yes and changed the subject. But it made me think. If I find it so hard to answer this question, it must be so much harder for the parents to give the true explanation to people who ask. Poor things. Last night we were having dinner with her and H and Paapu. Now is when I tell you what a terrific time we had. There was an event going on in downtown where we met up.

They had a live band, the farmers market and other activities going on. We met, chatted, enjoyed the band, sipped some free wine and made our way to the Greek restaurant where our booking had been made. The whole evening was filled with laughter and lively conversation. And of course, Paapu, like always stole the show. Oh well, back to what I was saying. During the course of the conversation, it came up again. H looked up to us and asked us how we met. Of course, that sparked off another discussion on blogging in general where H and Mint took turns in making fun of blogging and the whole concept.

Yes, Mint, who once used to blog himself now makes fun of it all. He said it used to interest him at that time because blogging was relatively new then. Now it is stale. Ah, whatever. And it brought a big, big smile to my face. Reading about his college and hostel life, his rants during exam time, his take on life and all that left me grinning from ear to ear. I wish I could give out his blog url here, but he was not an anonymous blogger so that prevents me from directing anybody there.

Anyway, reading his blog now gave me yet another opportunity to meet the guy that he used to be at that time. I realised yet again, how wonderful blogging really is. The next time somebody asks me how we met, I am going to answer them with pride. This entry was posted on July 23, at am and is filed under A penny for my thoughts. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.

And explanations can get tiresome. It is sacred indeed. What more can one ask for? Reading and writing was never this pleasing. Its been a year since you started blogging? Way to go.. I hope you never stop. Lucky you. I am awaiting to meet someonu or the someone to meet me via blog. And I post often too and put pics tooo Oooops oh god now I know the bulb went on.. My pics no wonder no onw wants to meet me…. I feel really bad about this. The comments on his blog were powered by some site which shut down.

As a result he lost all the comments of his blog.. I totally understand what you mean. I was once in love with someone whom I met through blogs. It came to the point where I wanted to tell friends and my own parents the details….. So I quite know what you are talking about. It matters only till the point when you tell other people. Well me and H met in the college but unlike your first case scenario.. I met Paapu! Look at us now.. We were in the same drama group to be lead by me.

Guess who I made the hero and the heroine?! I know you guys met in school. Like I said, its one of the most common ways to meet.

What a hassle free response you must be having when people ask.. I made some really good friends blogging…. I loved the way you met up with Mint.. Totally cool! You should really take this up on your blog and write about it in detail.. Yes, meeting someone through a blog and just randomly chatting with someone on the Internet are two very different things.

I go through the same dilemma when I talk to people about the friends I have made through my blog. Would love to see it all sometime. And, yes, a blog is a beautiful way of remembering your past. But I think Mint seemed like a different person at that time.. Evs and I met…typically…in university. Oh nice.

Its been 8 yrs since I met Mint and even that seems liek forever when I think about it. Yes, bringing in the blog while explaining to people usually does make it awkward. Oh you guys have a very interesting story. Meeting through your blog. Its just wow. Shows how much you guys must be having in common. Even blogging, he quit quite a few years ago.. Very few interests of our interests match.

But then.. Reading your post has left with a smile and a query.

How Real Couples Who Met Online Navigate the ‘How Did You Meet’ Question

Ask a Question. Which of the questions is correct? I message my brother to ask him to meet my parents in a shopping mall first.

How did you guys meet? What if we make it up?

In fact, a lot of women have a good deal of anxiety about using dating apps for that very reason. While it may have taken them some time to ease into it, for them, meeting someone great is totally worth it. Julia also never really had qualms about telling people the truth about her meet-cute. Despite their lack of intention, love found them anyway.

Sooo... how did you guys meet?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. English Language Learners Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for speakers of other languages learning English. It only takes a minute to sign up. In this sentence, you don't actually have the past tense. You have the Present Perfect here. The Present Perfect is formed in the following way: the verb 'to have' in the Present Simple—which is either 'have' or 'has'—plus the 3rd form of the verb Past Participle. So the word 'met' in 'Have we ever met? Here we have another English tense, the Past Simple. But please notice that we have an interrogative sentence. In English, interrogative sentences in the Past Simple excluding questions where the wh- word is the subject are constructed using the auxiliary verb 'do' in the Past tense that is, 'did' plus the infinitive of the main verb without 'to'.

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We met at a concert. He knew I was the one. I didn't was in another relationship at the time which was going downhill. I tried to save it, even gave it a year - couldn't be saved, nothing was changing. I left.

My boyfriend and I met at a bar while we were both on vacation for the Fourth of July. His go-to move with the ladies that weekend was to drop down on one knee and propose to them in the middle of the bar.

Deniesha Johnson is a new comer in her attempts to author a published book. Over the years, as early as elementary school kindergarten, Deniesha has written a few small short story books for class assignments but found a love for writing where she began to write and illustrate stories as a hobby. Today, she has found herself writing again

Meet, Meet with, or Meet up with?

Posted by Pepper on July 23, In the first scenario, the girl and guy meet in school or college, and then fall in love. This is one of the most common scenarios.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. If I bumped into someone, who happened to be called John, yesterday, and I am telling someone else of the encounter, would I say:. Does the sense of past lie in the act of 'happening,' or the act of 'meeting,' or in both. It confuses me because a I already happened to meet [? I don't think there is any use of "happen" where you would need to refer to a past state, and so "happened to have met" just won't be used.

How Did You Meet Your SO? Guys Reveal The Heartwarming Stories Of How They Met Their Partners


Oct 17, - So I asked people who are dating someone they met on an app how they feel about Lilly's tactic for making the “How did you guys meet?








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