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How to get your best friends attention

I have friends who like to hike, and friends who like to chat over coffee and friends who live far away but whom I talk to a few times a year. But close friends? Not so much. A childhood friend and I had a falling-out, never to be repaired.

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How to Be a Good Friend (And Signs to Avoid Being a Bad One)

Updated: May 13, References. It really sucks when an old pal seems less interested in you than before. Your friend may have made some new friends. Or, maybe your friend is going through a life transition that is demanding all their attention. If you are trying to get your friend to pay more attention to you, there are some strategies you can try. If this doesn't work, you may need to reconsider the friendship. Surprise your friend with something, like sending them a new song you like or inviting them out for lunch.

Gestures like these will show them that you care and are putting effort into your friendship. You could also offer to help them out with something, like math homework or moving furniture. Alternatively, your friendship may benefit from taking a step back. Did this summary help you?

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Reevaluating the Relationship. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Offer your helping hand, if needed. Doing this may help the person pay more attention to you. Create a sense of community or even family with this friend.

Being able to find ways to help a friend out also establishes a relationship based on the need to give and take from the friendship instead of just taking all of the time. For example, if you are really good at math, offer to help with homework, and show your friend how useful your math skills are.

Knowing that you are the best person to turn to for math help will probably increase the amount of attention you get from this friend beyond just math homework as well. Shake up your usual conversations.

Instead of talking about the same old things, look for some new and interesting topics to discuss with your pal. If you always talk about the same thing you make it too easy for others to ignore or even predict what you are going to say. Keep a little bit of mystery in what you talk about or parts of you that you share with friends. That way, they will be sure to listen as to not miss a thing. Most people enjoy knowing that they are truly being heard and appreciated.

Surprise him or her with something. You can surprise your friend with anything—a gift, a gathering or a lunch date out. This does not need to cost a lot of money either. The point is not to buy their affection. Instead, you are making it a point to show that your friend is special to you.

Show your friend you listen to what they talk about by remembering a special day or even just sending them a new song from a favorite artist. Expect to be a priority. Act like you deserve attention and maybe your friend will pay you in kind. Make sure your friend knows you want to spend time with them.

Put in the work to be a true friend and make it known that you expect that to be returned to you as well. You have to believe you are deserving of this type of connection and love.

Method 2 of Giving your friend some space may win you more attention in the long run. You can get to a point where you have made yourself so available that you become disposable. You may need to step back from trying to spend as much time together as possible and find other activities to fill your schedule. Make some other friends. If you have doubts about your friendship, make new friends to explore what types of friends work out best for you.

Admit that you need attention from friends and find new friends that are willing to give you what you need. Fine tune your skills in being a good friend in return as well. Make space in your schedule for other friends. In addition, set boundaries about your availability to this friend so that they understand you have obligations to others. Doing this can help to make your time more valuable to this friend. Get a hobby. Find something you can share with others or do on your own to fill your calendar.

Take this time to practice listening and learning as new friends talk about themselves and the interest. People like to talk about themselves and appreciate the sincere attention. Not only does this allow you to foster growth in other areas of life, but it does not leave you dependent on anyone else for enjoyment. Do something your friend would never do with you. This does not mean doing something dangerous or illegal; it is more like opening yourself up to a new challenge in the name of mixing things up.

Join a new club at school just for the experience and to make new friends. Keep some of your life a mystery from this friend so you pique ongoing interest. Keeping a little mystery in your friendship can gather a great deal of attention from a relationship that may otherwise become stale.

Method 3 of Confront your friends about their lack of attention. Own your feelings and tell your friend how you are feeling as a result of not spending time together. Instead of launching into a complaint session or accusing your friends of not caring, explain to them that you have noticed you are no longer spending time together and explain how this makes you upset. For example, if you are used to eating lunch together every day and that suddenly changes, let the friend know you miss them.

If the time you are missing is no longer possible, offer ways to fill the void. I feel like I never see you. How about we make plans for the weekend? Frame your concerns in a way that avoid blame and make your feelings very clear to your friend. Instead of blaming your friend for ignoring you and lashing out because they found new friends, remind them how much you value your friendship.

Decide if you are putting more into the relationship than your friend. Not every friendship will remain equal at all times but there should be give and take from both of you. Do you feel like you are getting your needs for friendship met? Are your needs realistic? Everyone has a need to talk about themselves. Does this occur with your friend or are the conversation topics always about them? It is up to you to evaluate how much you should put into any given friendship over time.

Just because you share a history with a friend does not mean you have to settle for a relationship that you are not happy in. Weigh the pros and cons of this friendship. Make plans to resolve the current problems while still honoring the friendship.

If your friendship overall is good but you have hit a bit of a rough patch lately, it is probably worth working to save the friendship.

If, on the other hand, you are losing far more than you are gaining it might be time to part ways. It can be as simple as limiting the time you spend together to slowly put distance between you. What if my friend starts spending time with someone else and starts being mean to me?

They are doing this as a weak way of telling you they want out from the relationship, so decide whether or not it's worth fighting for this friendship.

7 Weird, But Genius Ways To Get Someone To Pay Attention To You

Home Family Relationships. Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Are you hesitant to tell her about your new boyfriend? Hide the fact that you got a promotion, a new house, or other good news?

My close friends mean the world to me. They are there for me when I need them. My life is so much richer because of my friends.

How do you know if you have a toxic friendship? It can be really difficult— because we often don't want to see it. As much as people talk about difficult relationships where we don't want to see how bad things have gotten, the truth is that the very same holds true for friendships. We often stay in bad friendships for the same reasons we stay in bad romantic relationships.

10 Best Texts to Send Your Best Friend

Last Updated on October 2, You might be a terrible friend and not even realize it. That should scare you. Really, it should! You know what? Right now you should be sweating profusely, pacing the floor, and asking yourself whether or not you know how to be a good friend. Sometimes our actions and the words that escape our mouths stop going through a filter. We get so used to our friends that we become insensitive to the things we say and do. Sure, that level of comfort can be a good thing, but at the same time a lot of ugliness can start leaking out. Check out some of the signs below and see how many of these apply to you.

8 ways to bond with a friend to become even closer

Are you and your bestie constantly chatting back and forth no matter how busy your lives get? Or are you relegated to an occasional "Hey! Because she's worth it. Just like with romantic relationships, sometimes you and your best friend might occasionally feel the need to spice things up. But let's face it: you can't hit the bars all night like you used to, social events are always so tedious, and Netflix isn't going to binge itself.

Sometimes, you and the person just click, and you immediately become joined at the hip.

Catching someone's attention can be more difficult than you'd think, particularly in this day and age when so many people are constantly looking at a smartphone screen, listening to music, or attempting to multitask. It's not always as simple as giving them a look or a smile, or even just being kind to them. And whether it's a potential romantic partner, a colleague or boss you're trying to impress, or a stranger on the street, knowing some of the weird, but genius ways to get someone to pay attention to you might increase your odds of ultimate success. There are a lot of reasons as to why you might need or want to get someone to pay attention to you.

Is My Best Friend Toxic? 9 Signs To Look Out For, According To Experts

You and your bestie could be thicker than thieves, but sometimes, you just don't feel comfy sharing every little detail of your life with her The problem is, though, that if you hold back on communicating the stuff that's bothering you, you're putting up a wall between you and the chica who cares about you the most. And that's no good, right? Here's a primer on how to open up to your BFF.

Updated: March 29, References. Wanting to be liked is a natural instinct. Wanting to have a best friend is also something that most people desire. The problem is, not everyone knows how to do this. When you're talking to people, try to be confident in yourself by standing up straight, smiling, and making eye contact.

How to Have Closer Friendships (and Why You Need Them)

Updated: May 13, References. It really sucks when an old pal seems less interested in you than before. Your friend may have made some new friends. Or, maybe your friend is going through a life transition that is demanding all their attention. If you are trying to get your friend to pay more attention to you, there are some strategies you can try. If this doesn't work, you may need to reconsider the friendship.

Jan 17, - And while every friend doesn't have to be your best friend ever, maybe you'd So as you're trying to bond with your friend and become closer, base put down your phone when you're together, give them your full attention.

It's a fight that's almost bound to come up at some point during every best friendship: Your best friend, the person you spend essentially all of your time with, starts dating someone great, and suddenly you have a lot of unaccompanied free time. As someone who's not a sociopath, you're happy to see your friend happy. But as a person who needs love and attention, it's easy to feel neglected and bitter.

Handling a High-Maintenance Friend


What To Do When Your Friend Ditches You For Her Relationship






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