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I photographed this wild bobcat in the mountains in Colorado in the early 90's. I was there to shoot winter landscapes and got lucky with spotting this beautiful cat. Given that the camera was completely manual and very slow for wildlife, I got off one shot before the bobcat took off. The snow instantly froze on the front glass element of the lens, and I had to walk about a mile back to the car, turn the heat on full blast, to melt the snow so I could continue shooting. I used a tripod, but my other settings were unrecorded. I used a handheld Sekonic light meter for the reading.

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Wild bobcat

I have been in leadership for 3 years, as class secretary, class president and currently as ASB president. Throughout this time I have learned the ins and out of being a leader. As part of leadership I have headed projects like the Olympic themed assembly and the Homecoming Dance, the first dance in the gym instead of the commons! Finally, I would be remiss not to mention that I am the only rising senior running for the presidential position, and I guarantee you that looking at myself last year, I would not have the experience or knowledge to hold such an esteemed position.

I am running for ASB president because I know how it feels to be left out. The main complaint of MIHS, and the reason my own sister chose to attend another high school, is the cliquey culture. I hear it all the time, and I want everyone to feel they have a voice at our school. Leadership has allowed me to find my place at the high school.

I am neither popular nor athletic, but I have poured my heart out creating events like dances and assemblies that aim to unify. I am running for this position because I want to bring people together. That is what good leaders do.

Not me, us. I have 3 specific items that I would love to implement right at the debut of the school year, an executive order if you will. The biggest issue I have seen facing student-admin relationships is a lack of communications. I think most of the problems that MI students and admins clash over, with regard to everything from Flag dudes to grad caps, is an issue of both sides listening to each other. Effective communication and understanding is the crux of healthy student-admin relationships.

What ideas do you have for making learning more manageable during these difficult times? I think both students and teachers have been doing a remarkable job adapting to this new style of learning.

Both teachers and students need to be compassionate about technology limitations and lenient regarding grading and teaching, which they absolutely have been. There are several people who have inspired me and guided my aspirations in becoming a student leader. These people lead with determination, empathy, ferocity, but more importantly, they listen to their communities, and are extremely passionate about every endeavor they take on.

I am passionate about ASB leadership. I believe student government is vital in fostering a strong student voice. I know that students who are given the opportunity for leadership roles, such as planning a dance or designing an assembly, will rise up to the task. Staples of the Mercer Island experience, such as the Homecoming parade and dance, are created via student voice and action.

Empathy and compassion are essential in leading a group as large as the high school. Without empathy for those who are struggling, leaders can create a false picture of how a community is doing, only seeing those who are succeeding.

MIHS should be a place where everyone can be themselves and feel not just accepted but embraced. How awesome would it be if every Friday, every Islander was decked out maroon and white face paint, and every Islander high fived each other in the hallway, and every Islander felt they had friends to eat lunch with, and a teacher to talk to, and a community they can rely on; achieving this kind unity among everyone who love MIHS, as much as I do, is possible together, and I know that once we Islanders reach this unity, MIHS will be a special place to apart of.

I have been a member of the Leadership class for the past two years serving as the Sophomore Class secretary and the Junior class Vice President. Throughout my time in the Leadership class I have gained invaluable insight on how the class runs and am familiar with the duties of the ASB VP.

Managing these fundamental aspects of our school is no easy feat, but I am ready to dedicate myself to ensure the success of student clubs and voice. I am running for the position of ASB Vice President because I want to advocate for the interests of the Student body and create an environment where students are able to succeed socially and academically. I want everyone to feel proud that they are an Islander, but in order to accomplish this I beleive the school must have a larger conversation on the mental health of the students.

Every day students face various forms of social and academic pressure within the school. While small steps have been made to lessen academic pressure such as the implementation of the no homework policy during breaks, I believe there is work to be done on the social climate of our school.

Even though many of us have been in the same classes for years, I still see some of our peers sitting alone during lunch or struggling to find a partner in projects. Through Leadership I aim to create events that will unify the student body and create a tight knit community where no one is left out.

As ASB Vice President, I want to enhance my involvement with student clubs by creating more opportunities for clubs to advertise and allow the student body to be cognizant of the wonderful variety of clubs that our school offers. One of my ideas includes creating a virtual club calendar that will be accessible for all students to see. I also want to implement more club fairs throughout the year, so student clubs are able to garner more members. The largest club fair occurs during 8th grade transition day, however it does not give school clubs the opportunity to advertise to students in the high school.

I believe the largest issue in the student-admin relationship is the communication gap. Students are often confused and especially in a time like this, their knowledge of what is going on is fueled by rumors from their peers. The student body is often at odds with the administration because they are not given a full perspective of what the admin are dealing with.

As part of the Leadership class, I have been fortunate enough to see how they resolve tough issues. I want the student body to know that the admins always prioritize the interest of students and want to create an equitable learning environment for all students. While some of their decisions have been controversial, they genuinely care for the well-being of the school.

I believe that once the student body and the admin are able to empathize and understand the best interests of each other, the relationship between the students and admin will be healed.

Since this is such a unique situation the staff can only do so much by giving students content and the resources they need to succeed in the class. I love being part of the Leadership class and the current ASB leaders have inspired me to run for this role. I admire them tremondously and they have given me the experience to effectively assume this role if elected. While there have been ups and down in terms of planning events, my hope is to reflect on the positive aspects and pass down my knowledge to future leaders of the school.

The current leaders of our school display the traits of accountability, altruism, and empathy, and these are fundamental to ensuring the interest of the student body. They strive to create an equitable environment for every student, even if it means having conversations on school traditions such as grad caps.

Student voice and action are integral to creating successful school events and the current students leaders are able to read the student body and effectively cater to their needs. My ultimate goal is to mirror their passion for Leadership and our school and to continue their work for student success.

If elected ASB Vice president, I promise to advocate for the interests of the student body within the school and community. From planning school-wide activities and working alongside different groups within our school, I want to continue to promote an inclusive environment and support all students as they progress through high school.

This school has also provided me with a vast number of opportunities and experiences, and my goal is to pass down what I have learned to future student leaders. Overall I am ready to serve our school and provide students with an environment to succeed socially and academically. For example, the current requirements for keeping a club active are really complex and I want to make clubs more accessible for people running them right now, but also people looking to start them.

ASB Vice President gives me the ability to effect change that benefits the school as a whole. These funds will contribute to the ASB fund and provide more opportunities for the student body. I also want to work on things students have problems with. I want to improve this connection and bring the student body into solving the important problems and making the important decisions.

I hope to help bridge this gap and create a school environment where people actually feel like the school represents them. Not gonna lie, school would be a lot more manageable if we got homework proportionate to the amount of class time we had. Also, meeting twice a week for an hour would be more effective than once a week for two. I want to make clubs more accessible for people running them right now, but also people looking to start them.

I hope to bring a better representation of the students and collective reform to all aspects of MIHS: the clubs, student-admin relationships, fundraisers, and everything in between. I am qualified to run because I have been in the leadership class for the past 2 school years! I was Freshman class president and Sophomore appointed position!

I have also held many other leadership roles including President and Vice President in other organizations I am associated with! I am running for this position because I believe spirit has been lacking in the past few years and I want to improve the all around Islander spirit!

To improve our school I will work to make sure that students and teachers alike are fully spirited and supportive of all Islander traditions! I will help us build new traditions that showcase how strong our Islander spirit can be! As of right now I believe that during this crisis there is very little clear communication from Admin to students! There are lots of rumors and things people may think is happening but not much that is set in stone by admin! As for ideas on making this time more manageable, I think it depends on the person and the teacher.

I would say that it is beneficial to make a schedule or a plan that works best for you and stick to it throughout the school week and then let yourself relax on the weekends, because I know there are a lot of assignments and links to keep track of! People should vote for me because I will make sure that spirit days and weeks are centered around what is doable for islanders!

I will help out spirit thrive and hopefully increase attendance at spirit and sports events! I am the twice elected only once impeached President of the Class of I believe my experience in leadership has qualified me for this position.

I am running for this position because I want to make our school stronger than it has ever been before through my school improvement plan. My two main goals are to increase ASB event funding through reclaiming unused funds from this year, as well as decreasing smaller spending through turning leadership into a CCR course.

What do you believe is the biggest issue facing student-admin relationships right now? The largest issue with student-admin relations right now is that many if not most students in leadership are afraid of asking tough questions of admin and in doing so accidentally miscommunicate the true priorities of the student body. To be perfectly candid, leadership has next to no bearing on how instruction happens. That being said, I believe making all assignments officially due at the end of the semester could help many students mitigate the daily stress we are all feeling right now.

He was truly the definition of a servant leader and I admire his dedication to our school. I believe my policy-based approach is the most effective way to kickstart our leadership program after we return to school. A vote for Alden Hey is a vote for servant leadership. I want to be able to use my experience to better budget and save up ASB funds and ensure that the money is earned well and spent fairly. I have a vision for our school for our school that I would work hard to put into action and make lasting changes so that we can move forward into the future with new policies and practices that will make fundraising and ASB spending more effective.

I think the main reason for tension between the students and the administrators is the recent crackdown on school and senior traditions, especially now that our Seniors have had their second semester taken from them. I know this island and this school like the back of my hand. My roots are deep in MI and my family has been a part of its culture since the high school opened in the 60s — and let me tell you — not much has changed.


Yesthis is significantly simpler than driving and looking for the desired one in shops. But after the Movie is located and the cash is paid you need to wait patiently. It may be hours, days or months… or only minutes!

I have been in leadership for 3 years, as class secretary, class president and currently as ASB president. Throughout this time I have learned the ins and out of being a leader.

In fact, this is far from the case! There is a way by which you can replace a faulty device with a new one absolutely free. Or get all the money paid for it. Of course, if you bought the device in a store, and not somewhere around the corner.

ASB Elections: Candidate Pitches

A new boxed warning has been added to the anti-blood clotting drug Plavix by the Food and Drug Administration, who says the medication doesn't work well in people who have difficulty metabolizing the drug. Plavix is used by patients with heart disease to help decrease risk of heart attack, stroke and death. It works on platelets—special blood cells that help blood clot to stop bleeding—by preventing blood clots from forming. Plavix needs to be activated by the liver enzyme, CYP2C Patients that have reduced liver enzyme function can't activate the drug making it less effective for them. They're called "poor metabolizers" and this puts them at greater risk of heart attack, stroke and death. The Agency says there are tests available to evaluate CYP2C19 and determine if you are a "poor metabolizer. Last November the FDA issued a warning about using Plavix in conjunction with over the counter stomach acid reducer Prilosec and Prilosec OTC when new data found that taking the two together reducedPlavix's anti-clotting effect by about half. Plavix is available only by prescription. It's made by Bristol-Myer Squibb and Sanofi Aventis, who issued the following statement "The revisions to the prescribing information for Plavix reflect the companies' ongoing research in collaboration with the FDA, which better defines the patient population that may be affected by a genetic variation in CYP2C19 and alternate treatment strategies.

How To: Make a Foliage Cloud

Flower clouds are given their name as essentially they are flowers that are strung overhead in a cloud formation. Here are a few examples for you:. Anyway, I was asked to do an ad for Dobbies Garden Centres just before Christmas, and as I was going to be styling up my dining table I thought what better time to try making one myself. How hard could it really be? Well, it turns out, for a basic foliage cloud, not that hard at all.

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