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If foreign men want to try to pick up hot girls for sex in the Phuket nightlife it can be done but it also can be a bit difficult. This is Thailand after all, and there are always going to be hookers all around you. Since most of the nightlife is in the same area it can make picking up pretty hard here. Remember that many Southeast Asian girls are going to be too shy to let you know if they are hookers or not. You might think you are dancing with the sweetest and most innocent girl ever and she might have been one of the ladies of the night there for the past three years.

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Best Places To Meet Girls In Phuket & Dating Guide

Unlike most vacation rental villas in Phuket, The Coolwater does not have rules preventing you from bringing a date home to the villa. We have learned this from experience. Actually, Thailand is a very pious country and most women are not there for your pleasure. You should be respectful. But that said, the real point here is that there are girls you will meet that will go back to your villa to hang out with you — and they will do this for money.

If you meet someone at the bar and you want to take them home, then be specific about your expectations and get this agreed upon before you get in the taxi. When the girls wanted to leave, the guests tried to force themselves on them. A fight ensued. Also, do not hire a girl for conversation and expect you can change the situation later when they are at the villa. Our staff normally does not allow the girls to leave the villa after you fall asleep without checking their purses.

This is to protect you and your belongings. To avoid this, you should escort the girls out of the villa yourself. Or let them stay into the next morning after you awaken. But think hard about why a hired girl would want to stay in your place for the night after you have gone to sleep unless you paid for it. One tip is to hire girls that work for the bars.

Sometimes there is an argument about price. If the girls feel they were underpaid, they may return with their managers to extract more money from you. I suggest asking them to write the price on a piece of paper in their handwriting and keep that paper.

If they want more money later, show them the paper. She will talk to them. In general, always call her if you feel you need help. We have heard of situations in which guests went to a bar in Patong and found they were not interested in the girls there. They were approached by someone recommending another place. This person showed pictures of the girls there. The guests agreed to ride with the person to the other bar.

The girls at the bar were not the ones in the picture and the guests were forced to pay anyway. In a case like this, you need to clarify that you will not pay anything if you are not attracted to the girls, and you need to do this before you get in the car. Prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand. If you get into a situation that results in police interference, remember that they may side with the girl. Since hiring a prostitute puts you in violation of the law, they can have some pretty serious leverage on you.

Here is one of many examples…. Thailand Red Cat. Your experience with a Thai bar girl will most likely be much more personal than what you might expect. Many will want to see you again and the financial arrangement may evolve to something closer to a regular girlfriend. Your previous dating experience is probably not going to prepare you well for this.

I suggest you read the article above if you think you need to learn more. If you later learn that there is a surprise you were not expecting, please consider that is not her fault. Live and let live. I previously said that you should call our staff if you get into trouble. Many, if not most guests, are the actual source of the problem and we are not going to help a guest cheat them.

The staff cannot obtain the girls for you. That would change the nature of their jobs and our villas. You need to find them on your own. It is not a hard thing to find. Lastly, The Coolwater and its staff are not responsible to take care of you if you get into trouble or arguments. The same goes for your belongings.

In some circumstances, We will try to help, but this is your party and you need to own it. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Skip to content. Which way to Bangla Street?

Not every girl in the bar is a prostitute Actually, Thailand is a very pious country and most women are not there for your pleasure. Watch your belongings Our staff normally does not allow the girls to leave the villa after you fall asleep without checking their purses.

Clarify the price Sometimes there is an argument about price. Stay out of trouble and arguments Prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand. About our staff I previously said that you should call our staff if you get into trouble.

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Easy to meet people? - Patong Forum

There is no denying that the go-go bars, girly bars and sex shows are a very visible aspect of the nightlife scene in Patong and to a lesser extent Karon and Kata. In this section we will not attempt to judge the sex industry or the people involved. It is a complicated issue so we only try to describe it to give you an understanding of what is going on. See our nightlife page for information about Phuket's non-naughty nightlife. Some people find the girly bars distasteful.

Hopefully you can spare us a few minutes so we can inform you about where to pick up single women and also cover some great spots for a date night. Table of Contents.

Unlike most vacation rental villas in Phuket, The Coolwater does not have rules preventing you from bringing a date home to the villa. We have learned this from experience. Actually, Thailand is a very pious country and most women are not there for your pleasure. You should be respectful.

Nightlife Advice & Tips

You might go for drinks, catch a movie, go nightclubbing, and finally back to your hotel to get a little more intimate. Because you can see inside without entering, and quickly see how many girls are working, how good looking they are, is there a pool table, etc, beer bars — like this one on Soi Diana in Pattaya photo below , are a good place to start your search. For many guys who holiday in places like Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket for the nightlife and sex, and pick up bar girls every day or as required, a Thai girlfriend experience happens by chance when they pick up a girl they hit it off with and ask her to stick around. It depends on what type of bar you hire the girl from. For example, a girl from a typical beer bar in Pattaya would most likely ask for around baht per day, and the bar fine at beer bars is usually a few hundred baht, it varies from bar to bar. A good-looking go-go dancer will, in most cases ask for a lot more than a girl from a beer bar, and the bar fine will exceed baht per day. If she likes you, and the idea of guaranteed money for the next few days, she might give you a discount. If she also works in a bar she will ask you to pay the bar fine also. More about Thai bar girls prices. These days, more and more Thai bar girls are choosing to work freelance online on dating sites, and perhaps after the COVID coronavirus pandemic — which saw many bar girls lose their jobs, and their income, even more might likely choose to make themselves available for hire online.

Naughty Nightlife in Phuket

Hi guys.. I'm 37 visiting Phuket for a couple of weeks in March on my own.. I'm easy going and will talk to anyone but I'm getting a little apprehensive about it.. I don't want to be sat at a bar looking into space every night.. Are there a lot of easy going solo travellers scattered about that you can strike a convo with and have a laugh?

If you want to get laid for free in Thailand , then check this article. It does not have as big of a girly bar sex scene as you will find in Bangkok or Pattaya but there is still one around if those are the type of Phuket girls you are after.

The expat attractive of these women tend to be from Scandinavian and Russia. The Scandinavian women are beautiful and have no reservation in showing off their exquisite bodies in the warm sun. They tend to travel in larger groups and will present as shy.

Thai Girlfriend Guides

In this article, we will review the complex task of meeting girls in Phuket. Phuket is a tropical island destination in Thailand that conjures up widely diverse images ranging from high-end luxury holiday resorts to a seedy expat destination filled with ladyboys and prostitution. Phuket remains one of the most frequented island retreats in the world.

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Ladies working in can be taken out of the bar for the evening. This is to compensate the bar for the time that she is out of the bar, where she would normally be entertaining and attracting more customers. She will normally also receive a share of the bar fine. The bar fine only entitles you to take her out of the bar. Anything else has to be negotiated between you and the lady in question.

Pick Up Sexy Girls In Phuket’s Nightlife

Especially if you are not familiar with the common prices you are expected to pay in the different establishments. No matter what type of girls in Phuket you are aiming for: I highly recommend you to stay in Patong Beach. There are thousands of girls from all over Phuket on that site, a lot of them obviously from the capital of Phuket Town which makes a nice day trip, there are some really nice malls, great value seafood restaurants and fun markets to stroll around with your girl , but also plenty from Patong Beach — not only hookers who would drop by your hotel room for an hour of sex for thousand Baht or so, but also lots of girls with regular day jobs like hotel staff, waitresses, tour guides, and also some really hot and attractive real estate ladies. I have marked all these places on the map for you — just scroll down to the end of the guide. As for the prices — beers are usually Baht per bottle Baht during happy hour until about 7pm , lady drinks about Baht on Bangla Road, and Baht elsewhere, the bar fine 1, Baht on Bangla Road and Baht elsewhere, and the sex price 1,, Baht for short time, and 1,, Baht for long time. The next type of sex workers in Phuket are the street hookers. Again, Patong is the best place to go not just in terms of quantity , but also in terms of quality.

Where to Go for a Girl's Night Out in Phuket. Content.

Traditional agency call girls are an important component of the services on offer, but there are lots of other options too. Why bother with the bar girls and hardcore hookers when you can meet someone much better online? If you prefer a more slow paced and intimate way of meeting ladies for sex and romance, you might be interested in checking out:.

Phuket Girls

You should enjoy your vacation in Phuket instead of worrying about where to go, what to do and how to do it. Phuket as beautiful beaches, but also an incredible nightlife. Let alone the many horny Thai women craving to meet foreign men.

Phuket Sex Guide For Single Men






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