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Ask anyone who's done the whole marriage thing and they'll give you the same spiel: After a couple of years together, you both have to start making an effort to keep the ol' fire burning. You can't just say you're just as deeply in love with one another as you were the day you met — you have to prove it over and over and over again. No pressure, right? Shopping thoughtfully for your wife's gifts is one way to nail that aspect of your relationship, whether you're celebrating an anniversary , a holiday, or treating her just for kicks. But this is often easier said than done, because you have to know her on another level — and that requires doing your research.

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60 Romantic Gifts for Your Wife

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Ask anyone who's done the whole marriage thing and they'll give you the same spiel: After a couple of years together, you both have to start making an effort to keep the ol' fire burning. You can't just say you're just as deeply in love with one another as you were the day you met — you have to prove it over and over and over again. No pressure, right? Shopping thoughtfully for your wife's gifts is one way to nail that aspect of your relationship, whether you're celebrating an anniversary , a holiday, or treating her just for kicks.

But this is often easier said than done, because you have to know her on another level — and that requires doing your research. See also: paying attention. What are her hobbies? What gets her excited? What are her passions? If you need a little inspiration to get your shopping juices flowing, we've got you covered: Keep reading to peep a versatile list of top-tier gifts that will further convince your wife that she married The One.

The Dyson yes, like the vacuum hair dryer is a damn miracle worker. It will cut your wife's dry time by half. Though it's pricey for a hair dryer, people are obsessed with this thing, and the reviews suggest its life-changing capabilities are well worth the price.

If it's been a while since wifey's gotten her full eight hours, one night with the YnM weighted blanket will have her kissing the ground you walk on. While we're sure you text your wife on the daily, a text can only do so much.

If you're looking for a way to tell her how much you care, look no further than the Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger. When you send a message through the easy-to-use app, the heart on the beechwood box begins to spin, alerting the recipient of a new message. When they open the box, they'll see your message on a screen. If you know your wife loves makeup, here's a tip: Don't even attempt to pick out products for her.

Instead, sign her up for a Birchbox subscription. We know vacationing can get pricey, but if you keep your eyes open you can find some seriously awesome package deals on Groupon that include hotel and airfare.

If your wife just absolutely needs her iced coffee in the morning, owning the HyperChiller is a real game-changer. Save your wife or yourself a few thousand trips to the coffee shop. The Hyperchiller can ice down liquids in under a minute — without diluting — making it perfect for that morning rush.

It's not just for coffee either: she'll also be able to use it for wine, whiskey, or whatever else. Get the recipe engraved on a beautiful cherry wood cutting board from UncommonGoods — instant heirloom. If you travel a lot together or need an incentive to , this scratch-off world map is a super thoughtful and cool way to document your trips. It also makes for attractive home decor, and seeing all of the places you have left to go will have you itching er, scratching to plan your next adventure together.

If your wife has been putting in work at the gym, there's no better way to show you support her goals than by helping her crush them. The Fitbit Charge 3 is an advanced fitness tracker that comes equipped with more than 15 goal-based exercise modes.

It's capable of measuring her calorie burn, logging her heart rate zones, and tracking her activity — plus, she'll be able to see calls, texts, and calendar notifications on its backlit display.

If your wife is an avid reader and doesn't already own a Kindle, this one is a no brainer. The convenient, LTE-equipped e-reader will allow her to keep her favorite titles all in one place. It reads like real paper even in bright sunlight, and it's now also waterproof, which means she can read at the beach, pool, or in the bath.

Add on a nice Kindle subscription and she'll have access to thousands of books titles, magazines, and more. Keeping photos in your phone is nice and all, but when y'all are growing old together it'll probably be a lot nicer to look back on good times in an actual photo album. Snapfish let's you easily transform you memories into photo albums you'll be opening up for years to come.

You can personalize everything from book size to photo size, with different layouts and backgrounds. If your wife is obsessed with trying new meals but dreads the hassle of cooking and cleaning up afterward been there , an Instant Pot is the gift for her.

If nothing gets your wife more excited than growing her own fruits and vegetables, she'll love an Urban Organic Gardener subscription box. UOG will send five different seeds per month, along with all the garden supplies she'll need to grow them. The chosen seeds are based on the current season, so she'll be able to garden all year long. Sometimes it's the little things.

Your wife does a lot, and a gift that's designated to help her relax can go a long way. Show her you appreciate everything she does by getting her LapGear's stylish bamboo bed tray and commit to making her breakfast in bed. The caveat is you have to actually commit to doing this. Don't slack! If your wife loves all things bling but you want to add a more personal touch, these necklaces are great: You can have a custom note engraved on the pendant in your actual handwriting.

A coffee maker is convenient, but it hardly replaces those Starbucks specialty drinks your wife can't get enough of — that is, unless she's got this Ninja machine. Fact: Everyone loves to be pampered. Send your wife to the spa and she'll be in an eternally good mood. Groupon has tons of deals for spa treatments, with massages, facials, mani-pedis, hair treatments, and more. They even have deals for couples massages, if you're looking to make it something you can do together.

If your wife loves a good glass of vino, a monthly wine subscription is a safe yet thoughtful gift. One particularly great option is Wine Awesomeness. What's also great is that they let you choose all red, white, or a mix of both. What better way to spend a rainy day indoors with the woman of your dreams than curling up on the couch with her favorite TV show?

Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video — it's all here, and she'll never run out of things to watch. If she has lots of friends and enjoys having them over often, you should make sure that she has access to some beautiful hosting equipment — and a unique serving board is just the place to start.

This bamboo lotus shape is our pick, and provides ample room for cheese, charcuterie, or any other hors d'oeuvres that her heart may desire. This chic centerpiece will be her go-to for years to come, and will be the center of attention at all future gatherings.

Fried foods are a gift to the world, but not eating them in moderation could lead to some serious health issues down the line. The Dash air fryer doesn't use oil to achieve crispy bliss, meaning she'll be able to munch on her favorite foods with zero regrets — in half the time and with half the mess. Still have all your knick-knacks shoved into a corner after months of her asking you to tidy up?

These hanging shelves will help you elevate your decor, save a lot more space, and help you finish the chores that you should've done a while ago. She'll love the way they look, and you'll both enjoy all the free space now that everything is up off the floor. If she doesn't always have the time to enjoy her cup of morning joe, give her a way to take her liquid energy on the go with this temperature-controlled travel mug.

With the rotating dial at the bottom of the Ember container, she'll be able to choose the precise temperature that she would like to keep her hot beverage at for up to two hours. It even has a companion app that can store heat preferences and give her the option to name her mug.

Does your wife constantly come home from work exhausted? Send her off each morning with a little reminder to cut herself some slack and just focus on inner peace instead. This mindful breathing necklace will help her ease into relaxation on even the most brutal workdays. By simply exhaling through the metal device, it will encourage slow, conscious breathing that'll help bring her back to her center in no time. Every traveler needs a good carry-on suitcase, and Away may be the most popular on the market.

Away makes sleek, functional, high-end luggage that won't run you into financial red zone. She'll be able to strut through any airport in style and relish in the fact that she won't have to search for a communal outlet — the Away carry-on has a phone charger built inside. Clever, no? Bath time is supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes our furry friends can become a little uneasy when there's a stream of water shooting at their faces. With the Aquapaw, she'll be able to hook the hose right up to the water source and wash her doggo with full control.

It reduces stress for anxious puppies and increases the amount of time available for after-bath snuggles. Mochi might be the most underrated version of ice cream on the planet. Sweet and chewy on the outside and cold and creamy on the inside, it's the perfect treat for the lady who just can't resist her sweets.

With this kit, she'll be able to make the delectable goodies herself and indulge in her impressive work immediately after. We love instant gratification. Take "wake up and smell the coffee" to a whole new level by bringing the coffee machine right to her bedside. The ingenious Barisieur alarm clock doesn't blurt out an unbearable tone when it's time to get up — instead, it awakens its owner to the undeniable smell of a hot, fresh brew. It even has a mini refrigerator if she takes milk with her morning cup.

With this portable illuminator that she can store in her bag, your wife will never lose that sneaky stick of lip balm ever again. Another perk: The light doubles as a phone charger, meaning she won't have to fight anyone for an outlet just so she can get a little extra juice.

Is your wife a beer enthusiast but doesn't feel much like hitting the nearest bar? Bring the pub to her with the Fizzics Original portable beer system, a device that offers straight-from-the-tap taste in the comfort of your own home. Just insert the can, bottle, or growler of her choice, pull the tap, and watch in awe as the amber goodness pours into your glass.

You know what's super romantic? A thoughtful picnic on a sunny day with just you and your special lady. What's even more impressive is if you come to the occasion equipped with an organized tote conatining all the fixings you need.

This specific bag is made from sustainable cork and comes pre-packed with utensils, glasses and plates for two, a wooden cheese board, a knife, and a corkscrew — just supply the snacks and the wine, and you'll be all set for the perfect date. If she likes to keep up with the latest in tech but isn't part of the Apple fandom, the Microsoft Surface Go is a wonderful alternative. Convertible from a laptop into a tablet, this versatile device will allow her to get her work done, stream her favorite shows, and browse the web from anywhere she wants.

Does she have all her chargers, headphones, and other wired devices shoved in her bag, all of which has become tangled and is causing her unnecessary distress?

38 Romantic Gifts That Will Absolutely Melt Your Girlfriend’s Heart This Valentine’s Day

The best gift for a woman is a gift that shows you took the time to carefully think about her passions and interests. We have plenty of ladies gift ideas that will show her how much you love and appreciate her. Does she have an eye for fashion and flare? Our cashmere gifts will keep her warm and stylish as she goes about her daily errands. And if you want to buy gift jewelry , we have beautiful pendants that will drape across her neckline or sleek bracelets that will accentuate any outfit!

It's her birthday, or it's your anniversary, or it's the holiday season or you're feeling thoughtful. He leases the space in the alley of a homeowner.

What a girl wants, what a girl needs, Whatever makes me happy and. Christmas shopping is on ; restaurants are booked up, The Ivy has set out their bountiful decorations and London's retail titans have transformed their windows into miniature winter wonderlands. What are you buying this Christmas? From superstar pyjamas to objects that look good all by themselves, we're adding a few new items to our forever rolling and scrolling Wish Lists. If only the Circle Line could arrive more than once every minutes—hey, a woman can dream.

17 Gifts That Women Actually Want From Their Significant Others

Still need gift ideas for your wife before her birthday, your anniversary , the holiday season or another gift-giving event? But don't worry, we've got you. To jump-start your imagination, think about what your wife loves and values. Is she a homebody or an adventurer, sentimental or practical, trendy or traditional? Then think about what's going on in her life. Are you decorating your home, planning a trip , celebrating a milestone, or starting new jobs? Now you're getting the idea.

Best gifts for your wife: 40+ gift ideas for your leading lady

Just because she isn't dating you for your seriously impressive gift-giving skills doesn't mean you shouldn't show them off whenever you get the chance. Keep up your reputation by impressing her with these creative and personalized gifts for girlfriends. While this list includes a few true standbys — think: watches, handbags, and pajamas — it's also full of unique gift ideas for her that'll prove just how good of a listener you really are yep, even when she gives a play-by-play of the latest Downton Abbey episode. There's a meaningful present for every girlfriend out there, including but not limited to fashionistas, foodies , pop culture superfans, and book lovers. Plus, if she's celebrating a big milestone, there are a number of thoughtful and romantic gift options to express your pride, admiration, and most of all, love.

As nice as a new set of cookware might be, that kind of functional gift is probably better suited for your dad , your mom , your brother —literally anyone other than your S.

Looking for gifts for her that she'll never forget? Need a little inspiration for gift ideas for women? IWOOT can help you out with our huge selection of unique gifts!

Christmas gifts for her: 33 of the best present ideas to give the woman in your life in 2019

At Yellow Octopus we have gifts for all types of women, no matter where their interests lie. If you are looking for unusual gifts for women then look no further. Not every woman is the same. Some are bookworms, some are sporty, some are practical jokers and some are just a mix of everything.

No worries. If you need a gift for a woman with long hair, or a woman who uses the blow dryer every day, this is a killer gift idea. What sets the Dyson hair dryer apart from the competition is the clever blend of technology and design. Dyson moved the motor into the handle, making it much more ergonomic to hold for a long time. This machine also has a lightning fast heat-up time — just 15 seconds! After nine minutes of non-use, this energy saver automatically shuts off.

101 Best Birthday Gifts for Women

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Thank You so much. Great service - great products! I am thrilled.

Nov 10, - Thanks to the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Reddit, we've compiled a list of thoughtful presents your girlfriend or wife really wants. Related: 21 Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again.

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Mejuri's popular Zodiac Necklace is cool, minimalist, and something she can wear every day.

Best gifts for your wife: 40+ gift ideas for your leading lady

Please refresh the page and retry. Something fleeting or something that will last forever? By sifting through our Christmas gift ideas for her of course.

Even if all your girlfriend wants is some quality time with you, she would probably appreciate a little something extra. If she hasn't thrown any hints your way, finding the right gift for your special girl can cause more anxiety than having to book the perfect dinner res. You already know what she likes, deserves, needs, and uses, but finding a single physical item that's just as perfect as she is takes some time. Sure, your girlfriend has great taste after all, she did pick you!





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