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Will i see my dead husband in heaven

Before we get started, I just want to give a quick heads up about the content of this post. To do that topic justice, it means we talk about some very specific details of people dying at home, both expectedly and unexpectedly. You probably also know that my dad died in an ICU in a hospital when I was 18, several years before. The night John died, I got the call and rushed home from work to find my sister sobbing on the porch. She had come home just a little before and found him.

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Will my late husband know me in heaven?

Lambert Our 60th Year Will my late husband know me in heaven? November 22 , Dear Rev. Know it all, My husband died 17 months ago and I still have trouble dealing with it. I was sixty-one. I work which is good but at night I think and think and think!! Is my husband in heaven.. Therefore is he just devoid of any consciousness asleep in Christ?

I want my husband to be aware of me and remember I was his wife on earth. And when I get to heaven, I don't want him to love everyone just the same as me.

I want to be special to him, and our kids special. He can love everyone, but not the same!! Otherwise, what were we married for? Am I just supposed to forget he existed on earth and move on to the next????? I am so unhappy. You are asking two separate questions.

I think the Bible and the Faith answer both very clearly and simply. First, is my husband in heaven, or does he sleep? They claim that we await the final judgment. Until then we have no consciousness. Well, which is it? A couple other verses answer the question as far as I am concerned. We live in time, but are created for timelessness. Remember that eternity really means timelessness. Think about it. You are a timeless being. Time is just the way that we limited beings sort things out.

Look in the mirror. You said you are You look and see a woman, but you are the same person who was the girl who met and fell in love with your husband. It does not age. It is timeless and spaceless. Scientist keep trying to find the self in that fold of the brain, or this lobe or gland. Certainly we experience both timelessness and time. The body diminishes, or in my case increases, but as I look at the old stranger in the mirror I am still me. I experience time and timelessness at once.

Time is just a way that we have of keeping things straight. The Maker of all things, infinite and eternal has no such limits. He is always now and is always here, never then and there. All things and all times are present to him. St Paul said that we see as in a mirror darkly. Then we shall see clearly.

Paul is correct in saying that we shall be like Him, then we will experience things as He experiences them. Will I still be his wife in heaven and will the kids and I be special to him?

You will be more special to him, more than you can ask or imagine. I am a very little person with a very small heart. I can love only a few people at a time and that is with a lot of effort. He loves infinitely. That means that God loves me, a pretty self absorbed and irritating fellow, as much as He loves Jesus, His only begotten Son, and as much as He loves Our Blessed Mother, conceived without sin.

He loves me uniquely and individually, but infinitely. And remember, someday, if I accept and cooperate with His grace, I will be like Him, loving infinitely and individually. You seem to have this beige idea of Heaven. Everything the same, nothing special, God is not playing favorites. It is quite the opposite. Everything and everyone is special, infinitely special. He will be your husband and better. Our generation got married because we were in love.

We used to believe that marriage was a vocation, a calling from God. We moderns get all nervous when we think of death. You were called by God to be married in order to get one another and your children to the happiness of heaven.

I remember the story of a woman who had a vision of her son who died prematurely. It is more, in the words of St. Paul, than we can ask or imagine. I believe your husband loves you more now than he ever did, because, if he died in the Lord, he is in the process of becoming like the Lord.

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Perhaps they meant well—but it was insensitive and thoughtless of them to tell you this. It is true that the institution of marriage was ordained by God only for this life, and not for heaven. The reason is because in heaven we will never die, and therefore marriage will no longer be necessary to carry on the human race. But this verse has nothing to do with the question of being reunited in heaven with our loved ones.

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Human beings are created flesh and blood. That means we are a mixed bag of mineral compounds, acids and electrochemical impulses. The truth of what God has in store is an exciting message. Our flesh and blood bodies are not designed to be permanent.

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Here are seven of the most-asked questions about the afterlife I get at my live events, live broadcasts or at book signings. The goal of this article is to show you that Love Never Dies and that your loved ones are alive and well on the other side. But our souls are eternal. Your deceased loved ones are very much alive and on the other side — heaven, if you will. You cannot die no matter how hard you try. Once you leave this body that we are born into, we return to heaven to meet up with our loved ones in the afterlife who have gone before us. Over the past 30 years, I've literally brought back tens of thousands of specific, explicit messages from deceased loved ones.

Will I See My Dead Loved Ones Again?

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If you have ever wondered what your loved one was doing in Heaven or even what Heaven is like, you have come to the right place! As a psychic medium, I have conversations daily with those in spirit and have literally given hundreds of readings. Through my conversations and visions, I have learned some incredible secrets about Heaven and the afterlife. Here are 10 things that might come as quite a shock to you….

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Lambert Our 60th Year Will my late husband know me in heaven? November 22 , Dear Rev.

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I am widow and a believer in Jesus Christ. I am so lonely without my husband of 38 years, we did everything together, even in the ministry. Will we be together in heaven? Jesus told the religious leaders that there will be no marriage in heaven. I miss my husband so much, my life without him has been turned upside down. Many tell me move on with my life and find someone else.


You probably also know that my dad died in an ICU in a hospital when I was 18, I would glance out onto the driveway, see his car, and think to myself “oh, My husband just passed away in December from a very tragic shotgun shot to his and her in Heaven as to not lose what we had between us as it was so special!!








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