About FOTR

Who are we?

  • Hollister Dixon is the editor-in-chief and producer of FOTR
  • Arya Imig is our resident correspondent coordinator and all-around show wrangler
  • Yousef Hatlani is a free agent and our fantastic in-house photographer


  • Gabriel Mathews is a musician and former English major formerly living in Los Angeles, now located in Seattle. He grew up in Portland and sometimes (read: often) regrets leaving it for these warmer climes. He makes music that is starting to veer towards something that could maybe be called “punk-ish” under the moniker of ibid. Check him out at ibidibidibid.bandcamp.com.

What do we do?

There are a million different ways to describe what we do here at Faces on the Radio, but we’ll put it like this: what we do is put forward our humble attempt to help people to realize that their musical obsessions are nothing to be ashamed of, and that those obsessions should be celebrated. We will never make any bones about being obsessives ourselves, and with every episode or every piece we publish, we hope to better demonstrate just how passionate we are.

Every week, we discuss a single topic, be it as focused as “When does the personal life of a musician affect your enjoyment of that musician?” to something as big as our discussions of specific genres. We also discuss the various things we’ve done in the last week, by way of shows we’ve been to and albums/books/songs/video games/movies/etc. we’ve enjoyed, as well as pressing music news, and the things we’re going to be absorbing in the following week. Additionally, we bring on a special guest, relevant to the topic at hand, to spend a nice amount of time talking about what we have to say on the subject.

We hope that each and every person who listens to our show understands what a labor of love this is for us, and we hope that you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.

How do you reach us?

For all inquiries, give us a shout at facesontheradio@gmail.com.

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