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If you’re an artist looking to submit music, a label/publicist interested in having your show covered, a questioning listener, or a fan who wants to submit a topic (or make a suggestion), kindly send us an email at: facesontheradio (at)

Additionally, Hollister can be contacted at: HollisterFaces (at)

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One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Hollister,
    New PR/Marketing guy at Music Millennium here– I’m good friends with Gabe Matthews and he turned me on to your Faces On The Radio blog/podcast. I’m looking to get more community involvement in Music Millennium shows and have cross-promotion with local bloggers, as was hoping you might be interested in something like that. This would potentially include things like interviewing artists we have performing in-store before their performances, and then we would post links to Facesontheradio throughout our social media to get people out to see the shows.
    I think there’s a lot of places we could go with something like this, and firstly I’d like to invite yourself, Arya and Yousef (if any of you can make it) to come see a private show happening here at Music Millennium on the Wednesday the 23rd. Madi Diaz will be playing a small gig for 20-30 people in our store, with free beer and food provided. Her management is looking to get local music writers involved so I thought you guys would be great!
    Hope that works out, let me know if you’ve got any questions.
    James Arellano

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