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Boyfriend jeans and sneakers outfits

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If there is one trend that continues to baffle fashion designers year after year, it has to be boyfriend jeans. Who would have thought that a baggy, over-sized style of clothing would remain popular for so long? Yet, nearly three decades after making its way onto the mainstream fashion scene, this tomboyish style is more on-trend than ever. The truth is that boyfriend jeans have been around since the very beginning of denim back in the s.



Boyfriend Jeans And Sneakers Outfit Ideas

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The jeans look great paired with everything from a basic white T-shirt to a chunky sweater, and they lend versatility in terms of shoe choice: you can wear them with everything from Adidas sneakers to sky-high stilettos. If there's one thing you can get away with when you're wearing boyfriend jeans, it's not trying too hard. In that vein, throwing on an oversize white tee and minimal accessories makes a lot of sense—toss on a pair of basic heels with it, and you're good to go.

Photo: Let's Have a Margarita. One surefire way to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans is making sure all your accessories are significantly sharper than the typically slouchy pants. Prime example: a crisp button-up, a sleek pair of loafers, and a brightly colored, structured bag, as modeled by Lucky market editor Laurel Pantin.

The French countryside vibe of the cat-eye shades and headband don't hurt, either. You might have heard so-called experts touting that you simply must set off the masculine vibe of boyfriend jeans with a pair of girly shoes—we're here to disagree with that assertion.

They can look just as stylish with a pair of trendy sneakers , a cute clutch, and a boyish plaid shirt. If there's a problem with boyfriend jeans, it's that they tend to fit a little loosely everywhere—including in the waist. While the whole idea of slouch is definitely what you should be going for, it's not a cute look to have your pants hanging off your body. Throw your favorite belt on the trousers, then build your accessories around it.

Since your bottom half is sure to be engulfed in more denim than you ever thought you could pull off, it's probably a good idea to keep your top half as fitted and structured as possible. A great way to do that: a cropped jacket perfect for Spring. We love the little leather one in this gal's outfit, which minimizes the broadening effect of the horizontal stripes.

Another myth: that you can't wear boyfriend jeans with big, oversize overcoats. You can totally do it—just make sure the coat is more architectural and doesn't completely swallow your figure. A common trait shared by many a pair of boyfriend jeans: rips, tears, and holes.

There's definitely a right and a wrong way to wear these; for highest levels of chicdom, we recommend you steer clear of the more punk-inspired versions, and pair the ripped pantalones with polished staples like fur, blazers, and structured bags, like Russian street style blogger Saida Mouradova , pictured.

We feel pretty confident saying that most boyfriend jeans adhere to a very light, almost-white wash. But every now and then you'll encounter a slouchy pair in a darker tone; these are fun to work with because you can easily pair them with whites and neutrals to your heart's delight.

Yes, you can wear layers with boyfriend jeans, but it's a very tricky business. Too many layers, and you just end up looking rather frumpy and shapeless. We recommend you reach for a slightly more fitted set of the jeans, then appraoch layering without fear.

We love how this gal pair a staple white button-up under a slouchy black sweater with a crispy hat on top to set it all off. Photo: Drop Dead Gorgeous. Here's a little-known secret: wearing boyfriend jeans is kind of risky to begin with, because it goes against the more traditional belief that stylish women should wear figure-flattering pieces at all times.

Once you've dipped your toe in the risk-taking pool, you may as well jump all the way in; we love how this gal paired her jeans with a full-on leopard coat, which she offsets with sharp black accessories.

Photo: Damsel in Dior. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. With a basic white T-shirt. With sharp accessories. Photo: ImaxTree. Mix athletic wear with stylish staples. Throw a belt on 'em. With a cute little jacket. A pair of neon T-straps can go a long way! Under a long coat. Don't fear the rips. Reach for a darker wash. Layer them up. Risk-taking is key. Tags: boyfriend jeans boyfriend jeans street style Denim denim trends how to style boyfriend jeans how to wear boyfriend jeans spring trends street style wearing boyfriend jeans.

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30 Stylish Shoes to Wear With Boyfriend Jeans For Chic Look

A grey tweed jacket and black ripped boyfriend jeans are a combo that every cool girl should have in her casual sartorial arsenal. If you need to immediately spruce up this outfit with footwear, why not complement your look with a pair of grey suede ankle boots? This combo of an orange parka and black ripped boyfriend jeans is hard proof that a safe casual outfit can still be chic.

Boyfriend jeans are a boon. If I can speak for some of us out here, skinny jeans are not particularly exciting or comfortable to wear for more reasons than I we want to admit.

There's a big debate about how to wear boyfriend jeans—yes, the relaxed style that dominated your teenage wares—and it goes very much like this: Should you wear heels or flats? And as for tops? Some argue that to counteract the looser fit, you should opt for something more fitted to elevate the denim to a more sophisticated look. Others say that you should embrace the slouchy style and choose a chunky knit and kicks.

Boyfriend Jeans Outfits And Tips On How To Wear Them

This laid-back combo of a black double breasted blazer and grey boyfriend jeans can only be described as strikingly stylish. And if you want to immediately dial down this outfit with shoes, why not add a pair of white leather high top sneakers to your ensemble? Make a light blue coat and grey boyfriend jeans your outfit choice to pull together an interesting and modern-looking relaxed casual outfit. Go for a pair of beige leather pumps to make the look a bit dressier. Complement this look with a pair of white and black leather low top sneakers and the whole look will come together. This pairing of a light blue open cardigan and grey boyfriend jeans is carefree charm meets stylish elegance. When it comes to shoes, this look is finished off really well with yellow slip-on sneakers. A black leather biker jacket and grey boyfriend jeans are solid sartorial weapons in any modern girl's wardrobe. For extra style points, complement your look with white leather low top sneakers.

How to Wear Black Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, baggy jeans — whatever you want to call them, they're trending hard. And because you can't keep wearing the same sweater, jeans, boots, repeat all winter long, it's time to start looking for some new fit options. Thankfully, all your favorite celebs have officially nixed skinny jeans from their wardrobe, swapping for loose-fitting blues with major style. To see how they rock the look, just keep scrolling and prepare for major inspo. Yara's denim-only ensemble is the perfect look for the mornings you just can't, but your outfit needs to say otherwise.

The jeans look great paired with everything from a basic white T-shirt to a chunky sweater, and they lend versatility in terms of shoe choice: you can wear them with everything from Adidas sneakers to sky-high stilettos. If there's one thing you can get away with when you're wearing boyfriend jeans, it's not trying too hard.

What Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans. Boyfriend jeans are not only super cute and an easy version of jeans to style, but they are also so comfortable and fun to wear. Still a little confused as to what boyfriend jeans are and how to wear them with different outfits and different shoes? No worries, we have got you covered.

20 Fall And Winter Outfits With Boyfriend Jeans

Want to inject your wardrobe with some fashion-forward chic? Choose a white fur jacket and black boyfriend jeans. In the shoe department, go for something on the relaxed end of the spectrum by rounding off with a pair of tan leopard low top sneakers.

Find this Pin and more on style by Priz Sirena. Jeans Boyfriend. Pantalones Boyfriend. Boyfriend Style. Vintage Denim.

Which Athletic Shoes To Wear With Blue Boyfriend Jeans

You get this right, I am talking about boyfriend jeans and sneakers outfit ideas. This combination is not something new, but we all love it so much for its comfort and casual appearance. The thing is, you can mix and match different tops and jackets to underline your uniqueness and make things look dressed down. A simple oversized tee or a basic plaid shirt will work awesome together with BF jeans and classic sneakers. Make sure to add printed or colorful items to liven things up a bit. As I have already mentioned, an oversized jacket is a great cover-up for cooler evenings, as well as to emphasize your individuality. Take a close-up look at some of my favorite outfit ideas below and tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Nov 15, - We can style them casually with a cotton T-shirt and sneakers or, for a more The rest of the outfit consists of high-waisted boyfriend jeans in.

You can choose any color you want, but the most common ones are light blue, blue, black and gray. Depending on a style of your outfit you can pick up classic straight, cuffed or distressed boyfriend jeans and pair them with casual, sporty or feminine pieces of clothes. You can create absolutely cool casual outfit just mixing a gray loose sweater , distressed boyfriend jeans, white sneakers and a black velvet crossbody bag. Or you can change sneakers to black high heels or heeled ankle boots and add a marsala leather bag to make outfit more elegant.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: 10 Stylish Outfits

You love the low-rise waist, the great ripped look and the casual turn-ups. But if you think boyfriend jeans are only about the laid-back look, think again. So what do you need to think about to ring the changes with your beloved boyfriend jeans? You need to ask yourself a host of questions.

How to Wear Black Boyfriend Jeans




How to Wear Grey Boyfriend Jeans


30 Outfits To Check Before Wearing Your Boyfriend Jeans


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