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I don't own, work for, know any one who owns, or works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in any way. This story was requested to do this type of paring. This is a one shot story. It was just sixteen year old Riley and her friend Maya while the rest of the family was out. Cory and Topanga was out on a double date with Amy and husband Shawn.

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Auggie and Maya

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I don't own, work for, know any one who owns, or works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in any way. This story was requested to do this type of paring. This is a one shot story. It was just sixteen year old Riley and her friend Maya while the rest of the family was out. Cory and Topanga was out on a double date with Amy and husband Shawn. Amy took Shawn's name and he adopted Maya who also took her step father's name. As for thirteen year old Auggie he was at his girlfriend Ava's apartment that was just across from his.

Riley wished it was just her boyfriend Lucas was over while the parents where out. That's right the tringle is finally broken. Maya accept the fact Lucas chose Riley over her. Surprisingly Maya ended up with Farkle.

Farkle and Isadora desided to break up as the Samackle family was moving and knew long distance relationships don't work out. Even though Lucas was busy Riley was glad that Maya was over while her parents where out, because it meant some girl bonding. The girls just loved their girl bonding and sometimes Isadora joined them when she had free time. The boys themselves even did some boy bonding.

The three of them or the two of them what ever the case may be normally just hanged at the park or at Topanga's if they are not seeing some kind of bro movie. None of the boyfriends knew what their girlfriends where up to when they are alone together. They just thought the girls just did girl things like talk about their boyfriends and celebrity crushes, and see chick flicks.

In reality they have been messing around since they where fourteen. Something that the boys never did when it was just bro time. Even though the boys never did anything sexual with each other Lucas was kinda jealous that he had sex with two girls and wondered how good he was compared to himself.

So while was everyone was busy doing their own thing Riley was laying on her bed naked just moaning like crazy as Maya eat her out. Riley was always amazed how good Maya was at this. Even Lucas was not this good. The reason why Maya was so good was because of Farkle who knew the science behind it and explained it to her. Even Isadora helped out when it was just her and Maya before she moved away.

As Maya was expertly eating out her best friend, Riley was squeezing her breasts and rubbing them. Her breasts where now a good C cup while Maya's was a D cup. What the two girls did not know Auggie came home early as he was heart broken as Ava broke up with him as she felt he was no longer good enough for her. As he was silently crying he was too heartbroken to hear Riley moaning.

Auggie went to her room on hopes Riley could make it all better since his mom or dad was not home. As he looked inside he realized Riley was naked and moaning. Auggie thought she was playing with herself again when she thinks she is alone or he was taking a nap. He knew it was wrong to spy on his sister doing something private but he could not help it. Every time he did spy on her she always moaned Lucas's name.

However this time Riley was moaning Maya's name and seen that Riley was not touching herself. The only think of she gotten a vibrator and just stuck it into her pussy. His thoughts of that quickly changed when he seen Maya's head pop out and started making out. Auggie's eyes was no longer on Riley but on Maya and her big breasts. He was quickly hard and had naughty thoughts.

Auggie always had a crush on Maya but always kept it well hidden. Auggie soon had a crazy thought and wondered if it would work. So he decided to give it a try. He stepped back and statred to began crying again and stormed into Riley's room. Auggie jumped on the bed and hugged a naked Riley. Auggie pretend to be shocked hugging his naked sister. He looked at Riley's naked body with his eyes being wide. Riley was to shocked to even cover up. Even Maya herself was too shocked to cover up.

She had no clue how Riley and her get out of this one. The girls did not know what to say. Auggie was hoping his plan was working and so far it looks like it is. The girls felt bad that Ava dumbed Auggie. Maya for one was more pissed after helping her while Ava's parents was going throw a devours. Maya knew Ava can't blame it on her parent's divorce since it happened five years ago. After it sunk in that Auggie is seeing their naked bodies, Riley quickly covered up while Maya just let Auggie see her body.

Ryley for one was to focus on Auggie to notice. Maya did not bother answering Ryley. Instead she grabbed Auggie's hand and placed it onto one of her breasts. If Auggie was not hard before he was hard now. Ryley for one was shocked what Maya did. She had no clue how far this will go. Not even Maya knew how far she will take it. As for Auggie he never knew his plan will work even if this was not part of it. So he just let it happen.

Auggie's eyes went wide when this was really happening. He got off the bed and quickly took off his cloths on hoping he did not gave anything away.

Maya was impressed on Auggie's dick, even Riley was. Auggie was a good five inches. At this point Riley no longer saw the point on covering herself up anymore. Maya just smiled and wanted to see how far she can take this. Riley and Auggie was also thinking the same thing. I do too but I like to have a hand up my ass. Since I'm more of a bad girl. So come on and put your hand in our pussies.

Auggie did not need to be told twice. As Auggie touched the two girls' pussies his hands easy slipped into them. Both girls moaned and they took hold of the arm that was being used and started to push Auggie's hand more into them. Maya moved so she was sitting side by side by Riley. Auggie soon was moving his fists in and out of the girls faster and faster.

Both girls could not help but to moan. As Auggie was going faster and faster Maya took Auggie's hand out of her pussy and heled him to go deeper inside of his sister. Riley just moaned on how far Auggie was going. She begged for Auggie to go in deeper. Maya just smiled knowing that Riley was truly hooked. Auggie was wondering how deep he can go. He quickly found out as he was passed his elbow inside his sisters pussy.

He even was able to see his hand move around in Riley's belly. Maya just smiled seeing this and soon looked at Auggie's hard dick. Maya just licked her lips before bending over and placing his dick into her mouth.

Auggie just moaned at the wonderful feeling he was reserving. Auggie knew what blow jobs where but never thought it whould fell this good. As Auggie moaned Maya sucked him faster. Auggie was to much into the blow job he was getting that he stopped fisting Riley. Riley did not mind as this day was all about him. Maya soon stopped sucking Auggie and looked at Riley.

Riley slowly took Auggie's arm out of her pussy reviling a good sized stretched out hole. Soon Auggie was once again moaning. As Riley sucked away, Maya was over his head rubbing her pussy.

It's me, Summer. This is a little one-shot for you. I have no idea where this came from. But I was thinking of the relationship with Auggie and Ava, how they love each other and Ava seems to come from an interesting home life, and she is always at the Matthews. I know it sounds a little weird now, but hopefully you like it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but what you see here. I actually have two versions of this idea you're all about to see here. A sad truth however is that the character of Auggie has practically been ignored by the GMW fandom on here, which well yeah, is pretty sad as there is no doubt quite a bit of potential to go with him.

Riley spoke, "Just like President Reagan who had good faith toward the Russians, he trusted them but he also sought to verify if the Russians would honor his deal. Because he knows that Russia can be a formidable opponent. In the end, all that you can do is trust in them. Cory sighed in relief; the two figured it out finally. Otherwise, all the time spent by the three of them Him, Topanga, and Auggie planning their wedding would be a waste.

Hey everyone. I've done a book on Riley and Cory's Father and Daughter. I wanted to post this yesterday but my wifi was down. I hope you guys enjoy it and Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers. Riley could dance and Farkle? My dad wanted me to play the flute and violin while my mom wanted me to play the guitar and the drums. Riley can also dance and we all can sing. I pulled them into a huddle and told them. When they finally understood the plan, we broke the huddle and chose the dates and place to practice.

I need to practice. Seriously, you stress too much. The girls sauntered down the busy hallway of their high school. Besides, the studio is closed on Friday nights, where were you planning on practicing?






Auggie and Maya is the friendship of Auggie Matthews and Maya Hart. Auggie is the little brother of Maya's best friend Riley Matthews. They are often found.








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