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How to find someones cell phone number reddit

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Jump to navigation. Cellular fraud is defined as the unauthorized use, tampering or manipulation of a cellular phone or service. Types of cellular fraud include SIM swapping, cloning and subscriber fraud. Your mobile phone number may be the key to your most important financial accounts. Text messages are often used by banks, businesses and payment services to verify your identity when you request updates to your account. Mobile phone numbers can legally be ported from one provider to another when you switch your mobile phone service, and can also be ported from one mobile phone to another when you upgrade or change devices.

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What To Do If Your Number Is Spoofed

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Losing a cell phone is equal to losing your privacy. You not only store your details but also important photos, contacts, messages on your phone. And when that phone is lost or goes missing, you skip a heartbeat. You lose your sense, which forces you to may ask others to help you find your phone. More the word goes out, better are your chances to find your phone back. See also: How I found my Android phone without tracking apps. This is where Reddit can be useful.

If you are a college student, use the web platform of your college to announce about your missing device. Almost every college allows students to write a message on their platform. The same message can also be posted on Reddit, or even on a local classified website. See also: Using classified sites to find a lost or stolen cell phone. Reddit has millions of users actively browsing the hundreds of categories on the site. There are even local categories called subreddit which are very useful to announce just about anything — and even your missing phone.

Here are two simple ways to use Reddit to find your lost phone:. For instance, here is a thread posted in Chicago subreddit:. My first instinct was to give it to a conductor. When the conductor came around, I asked him to put it in the lost-and-found and gave him the phone. Thread link. Another user posted a message in Washingdon DC category. As one would expect, he was able to contact the owner and return the phone back:. Found iPhone 5 in the middle of the street in Logan Circle. Found around 7 pm this evening.

Edit 1: Owner found. I used Siri to call home and got in contact with the owner. The phone is now home safe and sound. If you lost your phone and can describe it to me, background, color, model, cell provider, I will arange a meeting.

I have already made contact with the cell phone provider and they are looking up owner via IMEI, cannot do via SIM because phone has been disabled.

I do not want to do the hard reset on phone because all contact and info will be lost. On Tuesday I will take phone to calgary transit lost and found as I work Monday. Edit: In addition I have placed an ad in lost and found on kijijji. Again no pic or details just where and when it was found. Hey Reddit! I lost my sprint phone the other night, and somebody found it.

I have communicated with them via e-mail, but they have shown no intentions of meeting up and giving my phone back. Is there anything that I can do about this? If it helps, it is a blackberry curve.

I have no idea where they found the phone. When you are posting a message about your missing smartphone on Twitter, Facebook, then make sure to post the same message — if you are too lazy — on Reddit and other classified sites.

As I stressed previously: More the word goes out, better are your chances to find your phone back. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Trending Articles. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.

Reverse cell phone lookup service is free and simple

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Damien Wilde. With absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, Google has now made it possible to make Duo calls on the web without needing to link your phone number.

A username search is one way to find someone online. If all you have is a person's account name for a given service and no real name or any other identifiable information, running a reverse search on the username might dig up more details on who the person is. Finding people by their username isn't as effective as other people-finding techniques, however. Even though it's a poor habit that affects web privacy, most people use the same username on several different websites.

How to Run a Username Search to Find Someone Online

So what exactly is Reddit? Further reading Best subreddits Most popular YouTube videos. There is a search bar near the top, which you can use to find both posts and subreddits related to a particular term. Users click the arrows to upvote or downvote posts, increasing or decreasing their visibility, and the number reflects the current sum of upvotes and downvotes. Be proud of your karma! Like most online communities, Reddit has its own language. Users can give awards to other users to recognize and highlight posts the giver really enjoyed. Giving an award costs Reddit Coins, which you can buy as a way of supporting the community. Premium membership also comes with a regular supply of Coins to spend on Awards.

What is Reddit?

Doxing , or doxxing from "dox", abbreviation of documents , is the Internet -based practice of researching and publicly broadcasting private or identifying information especially personally identifying information about an individual or organization. It is closely related to Internet vigilantism and hacktivism. Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including inflicting harm , harassment , online shaming , extortion , coercion , business analysis, risk analytics, aiding law enforcement or vigilante versions of justice. It comes from a spelling alteration of the abbreviation "docs" for "documents" and refers to "compiling and releasing a dossier of personal information on someone".

Read on to learn what to do if your number is spoofed.

Losing a cell phone is equal to losing your privacy. You not only store your details but also important photos, contacts, messages on your phone. And when that phone is lost or goes missing, you skip a heartbeat.

Cell Phone Fraud

We are able to update our cell phone directories in a daily basis to provide an accurate reverse phone number lookup. Wondering whose number is this calling you? Use NumLookup to identify calls coming from private numbers. Our cell phone white pages free of charge are super easy to use to ID incoming calls from cell phones.

While the developers In the worst case, you could get blocked from the forum or even from the whole of Reddit. Most providers now allows you to use your cell phone as a hotspot with a limit. Same thing happened last week too. But there are so many video chat apps out there, many of which only work on certain platforms. Part 2.

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To support our nonprofit science journalism, please make a tax-deductible gift today. Phone apps promise to identify the recent contacts of people with COVID more quickly and thoroughly. Such contact tracing is a mainstay of infectious disease control. But the Oxford team is one of several now advocating for a new approach: tapping into cellphone location data to track the spread of infection and warn people who may have been exposed. Several governments in Asia have tried that approach in ways that would run afoul of privacy laws in many other countries. China, for example, has reportedly relied on mass surveillance of phones to classify individuals by their health status and restrict their movements.

Sep 9, - Number spoofing is when someone fakes outgoing caller ID info to when she needs to make professional calls from her home or cell. harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value” from the call recipient. If you've never tried to contact these people, then your phone number is probably being spoofed.

MoneyWatch Not long ago I told you a few strategies for performing a reverse e-mail lookup. You can search Facebook, Google, or photo search engines, for example, to locate someone who sent you an e-mail. It's hit or miss, to be sure, but you can sometimes score a direct hit.

Ask Reddit to Help You Find Your Missing Phone


Cellphone tracking could help stem the spread of coronavirus. Is privacy the price?




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