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New York. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! If you're brave enough to step up to the mic, you're already doing great, but picking the right karaoke song could make the night even more memorable.

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The 50 best karaoke songs ever

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And I liked it. Growing up my mom would always say like, make sure you brush your edges. You don't know if you gonna meet the president of the United States when you go outside. So, this is like, pretty close Ready for prime time…. This feels like brunch. It was so good. I teared up a lot, it was just…. Your demographic, I'm interested. Well you know what, I feel like you just I hate the phrase keep it real, and especially for like, one black woman to say to two other black women, like keep it real.

Like oh my goodness. You know, on the podcast we talk a lot about hair, our hair journeys and everything. And you know, you were the first black first lady… Everyone has opinions about black women's hair… You know, I remember when you wrote in the book where you wanted to cut your hair into bangs.

You had to make sure that was okay. So what was your journey like having black woman's hair in such a public space? And that's, at the core of it, which people don't understand, it's like, getting your hair done every day will mess with your hair.

You know? So a lot of it, my whole goal, was I want to end this with hair on my head. I want to leave here with the hair I came with. And so now you've got to think about how do you do that, you know? What are you doing? And are you swimming? Are you working out? But this wasn't just a first lady journey. This is a black professional women's journey….

Because, I always work out, and I wasn't going to be one of those sisters who was like, well I can't sweat. Because it's like, I'm going to be healthy, you know? So figuring out how much heat your hair can stand, and how to cover it, and how to protect it. So I've done a little bit of everything. Braids, weaves, wigs, extensions, and some of it depends on what is happening.

How many days am I going to have my hair done? And how many days do I have off and down where I can let my hair breathe and be itself. And you know, I try not to put color on my hair. So that's what I, and I try to talk to my daughters about hair health because at the end we only have one set of hair follicles. You know, if you pull it out and stretch it out and burn it out, you know? You don't have nothing. I want to have some hair when I'm I do what I want… So I have been open to every kind of thing.

Which is what men in politics don't understand… So there would be a whole 'nother briefing for me when we'd do foreign trips or stuff like that. It's like okay, are we in the rain? Is it raining? Are there cobblestones? You know, is it hot? Is it cold? You know, I'd get these briefings and then all the other senior women who never get briefed in that way would be like calling, going, What are we doing tomorrow?

And it's like, girl don't wear heels, because we're on cobblestones. And, we're going to be walking up a hill, and there's going to be grass… So, there's a whole 'nother women thing that no one talks about or writes about. I would talk about it a little bit, you know, that's why I talk about fashion.

Because, so much of fashion was not just oh does it look cute, but am I hugging somebody? Because I'd be doing anything from greeting the Queen to doing double-dutch.

I could do that in one day, right? So you gotta have hair and clothes that can transition from doing pushups on the floor with Bishop Tutu, which I did by the way. He challenged me to a pushup contest. I was like dude, yes, I was trying to tell him please, please don't get on the floor.

Because he was like 80 something. I was like, I don't want be in South Africa messing with Bishop Tutu because we're on the floor doing pushups. So you have to think about what is your hair doing. Are you sweating? Are you going to pin it up? Is it raining that day? You know, it's like, does the jacket allow you to do pushups? Well take it off if it doesn't. And it's like, what heels are you wearing?

There's a whole other life to black hair, black wardrobe, in the public eye. I could go on. I have a few questions about that. Like how often would you say you do get your hair done a week or month? You know, so here's what I would do up days. So I had… my staff who's here listening because it's like, up days… we would do everything in one day, because, that was the day I was getting my hair and makeup done. And, when I was down, it's like don't call me.

Because, I'm not putting heat on my hair and we're not doing any of that. So, we would have up days and then we'd do everything. We'd fly to the moon, we'd come back because it's just like, she's got hair and makeup! Let's get her to do a tape this, sing this, dance this. So, we started scheduling some of the days around up and down days.

So, we structured days around sometimes hair and makeup. So, there was some periods where, like holidays, it was like every day. Because, we'd have to host parties every day. We'd open up the White House almost every day from Thanksgiving until like the 19th. Every day. December was the tough hair month. So, pull it back, give it a break. You know, so you wind up, as you know, you have a whole strategy for hair that I'm sure a lot of white women are sitting over there going, man I didn't know all that was going on.

I remember when I shot a movie last summer and I was hanging out with somebody and they were like, oh let's go to the zoo. And, it was starting to rain and I'm like, well I have to take a cab because my hair's going to get wet.

She's white, and she was like, what? You can't walk in the rain? I'm like, not with this hair honey. It's like, you didn't talk about your business. You didn't talk about anything. You didn't talk about your marriage. You didn't talk about your menopause. You didn't talk about your period.

So, nobody knows anything. Always… That state of my menstrual cycle. I'm like, this is where I'm at. This is what I'm doing. So, I think it's, you know, it is a political freedom statement that you all are even talking about this and it gives the space for everybody to talk about it.

The best karaoke songs ever

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Due to recent mandates by the State of Michigan to slow the spread of COVID, we will be closing our dining room to the public until further notice. During this time, we will be open for carryout food service as well as offer parking lot service for pickup.

It was originally released in Australia in May [1] as the lead single from their eponymous debut album, Savage Garden. The single reached number one in Canada for two weeks and peaked at number four in Australia [2] and on the US Billboard Hot This release peaked at number

Note: These songlists include the names of the artists who most famously recorded the song. The songs as they appear in the game are covers, with the exceptions being the song "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow", which is the master recording of the Paula Abdul song, and 10 original Mowtown songs in the Xbox version of Karaoke Revolution. Note: Italics denotes a "locked" song, requiring certain requirements to be met in order to be accessed. Downloadable songs for the Xbox version were first made available on February 22,

Someone to Call My Lover (Originally Performed by Janet Jackson) [Karaoke Version] testo

Los Angeles. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Here's a fact for you: People like singing together. Always have. From an elegant croonfest around a piano or a down-home sing-along by a campfire to a hands-in-the-air church celebration or, hell, some kind of weird medieval lute-accompanied ceremony we can but dream of, singing together is a thing humans are into.

The 50 best karaoke songs ever

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You'll get kicked you out if you do "Don't Stop Believing. What's a karaoke lover to do? Because you get to do the "But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end" bit and it's amazing. Just don't think about that confusing Hollywood sign line.

List of Karaoke Revolution songs

And I liked it. Growing up my mom would always say like, make sure you brush your edges. You don't know if you gonna meet the president of the United States when you go outside.

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The 65 Best No-Fail Karaoke Songs


Modern Man, Karaoke, Good Times, Funny Pictures, Exercise, Concert, Lady, Fresh Fresh, Magazine Somebody say I'm sure you've heard at least one or two of These top 10 karaoke songs for guys will make sure you don't sound like Crazy LoveMy LoveI Gotta FeelingKaraoke PartySoulja BoyEmpire State Of.




We Gotta Get You A Woman (Karaoke Version)






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