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What female superhero do i look like quiz

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Skip to main content. Every superhero needs a sidekick in the fight against evil. Find out who you'd team up with in this epic quiz! Is it a bird? Is a plane? No, it's an awesome quiz!

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What does the superhero version of you look like?

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The world of comic books and superheroes has long been dominated by men whose athletic frame and choice of attire has developed over time. With these developments has also come the rise of the female superhero, and though it has taken far too long to see, 's Wonder Woman saw the popularity of female characters explode. So much so that Marvel is now in talks to make a Black Widow film. It is long overdue considering how long her character has been involved in the franchise.

Nevertheless, these women are finally receiving the recognition and big screen treatment that they deserve. Thanks to comic book films becoming a force at the box office and on television, we have seen plenty of female characters appear in these high-profile projects. They have been played by actresses from all over the world, and they have genuinely made their projects feel a lot more real and authentic. Not every casting choice works out the way that the fans would like, but many of these women have slayed their respective roles.

Today, we are going to allow you to rate 25 of these powerful female superheroes. Judging by your answers, we will reveal your dream girl! As part of the X-Men, Storm may in fact be the most overlooked person on the team. The powers that she possesses are significantly more dangerous and potent than most people actually realize. She can fly, hold her own in combat and she can completely manipulate the weather to her liking. Before you have a freak out over the fact that Mystique is predominantly a villain, we ask that you take a deep breath and relax.

While it is true that she is normally a villain, Mystique has functioned as a hero on multiple occasions. Her powers make her a tremendous ally to have on any team.

Since making her first appearance in the s, Rogue has continued to be a popular character among X-Men fans. As we saw in the first X-Men film, this can come in handy after sustaining a serious injury. For those of you old enough to remember, you have fond memories of seeing Jubilee appear in the first episode of X-Men: The Animated Series. Once X-Men made its way to the big screen, she was mainly cast to the back burner. Thankfully, she got some due diligence in X-Men: Apocalypse which came out in It is impossible to talk about powerful and popular female heroes and omit Jean Grey.

On screen and in comics, Jean Grey has proven to be extremely powerful, and she continues to be one of the fixtures of the team. Despite the fact that her big screen film is one of the worst comic book movies ever made, Elektra has since reappeared in Netflix, getting fans back on board. She is no stranger to straddling the fence in terms of being a hero and villain, but her combat skills are ridiculous.

Many people have asked for a solo film, and from the looks of thing, one is finally on the horizon. She made her debut in the s, and after over 50 years as an established character, she is finally getting her due. It was revealed in the first Ant-Man film that Hope will be donning the suit. She is capable of size manipulation, energy blasts and flight. The comic book version of Scarlet Witch has flexed her immense power on multiple occasions, but we have yet to see it in full force on the big screen.

Her powers came from interaction with an Infinity Stone, and she is scratching the surface of her abilities. Her ability to warp reality is truly great. With in the books, we can look back and say that no hero benefited greater or had a bigger year than Wonder Woman.

Her solo film destroyed its competition at the box office, and she was the anchor of Justice League. Her current run in DC Rebirth has been exceptional. Originally appearing in Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn has since become perhaps the most popular comic book character around.

After Suicide Squad, she is rumored to appear in several future DC films. Suicide Squad may have left a lot to be desired, but there is no denying that it drew eyes to characters that had yet to receive significant film time.

Katana benefited greatly from her appearance in the film. She is solid in combat, and her sword has the ability to take the souls of its victims. Though her first appearance came less than 20 years ago, Marvel has done an exceptional job with Jessica Jones.

She spent her time in print before getting her own show on Netflix on the heels of Daredevil becoming a massive hit. While there are a number of different Captain Marvels, we are going to focus our attention on Carol Danvers.

She was a fixture in the Civil War 2 story in Marvel Comics, and it has been announced that she will be receiving her own film in the MCU. She will be played by Brie Larson. Though the big screen adaptations have yielded a mixed bag of results, there is no denying their impact.

Thanks to her successful show on television, Supergirl is finally starting to get the recognition that she deserves. She made her debut in comics back in the s, and she had an ill-fated turn on the big screen.

Not unlike Superman, she possesses powers that make it almost unfair for villains. To keep you on your toes, we figured that we would include Mrs. She is perhaps better known by her alias Elastigirl. With her power of elasticity, her imagination is the only thing that can stop her from doing just about whatever she wants.

Thanks to her incredible use of magic, Zatanna is a character that is incredibly powerful, though her appearances often see her function in the background of things. Thanks to fans cosplaying as her, she continues to grow in popularity. She is set to appear in the big screen adaptation of Justice League Dark.

While on the outside it would appear that her powers pale in comparison to other heroes on our list, taking this hero lightly would prove to be a monumental mistake. Black Canary is a gifted martial artist who also packs the Canary Cry, which is powerful enough to shatter the earth. If you have been keeping up with Dark Nights Metal, then you are aware of the importance on Nth metal.

This just happens to be the metal that is instrumental in the abilities of Hawkgirl. Comics have a way of meddling with timelines and universes, confusing the heck out of people in the process. We have seen similar things occur in television and film as well.

She has the gift of phasing, which means that she can walk through solid things without sustaining damage. She has been part of X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics. Not unlike several other characters in comics, there have been several people to take up the mantle of Batgirl, but we are going to focus on Barbara Gordon. After the events of The Killing Joke, she functioned as the character Oracle before getting her feet back under her in The New 52 reboot.

With Logan premiering in theaters, fans bid farewell to the only man who ever played the character Wolverine. While the next actor to play the character remains a mystery, fans have found a great new character in X She debuted in Logan, and she is rumored to get her own film.

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Which superhero are you? Quiz

You are Jean Grey. You are highly intelligent, and you know your worth. You are one of the strongest X-men there are. You are good at persuading people in order to get your way. You can read people very easily, and you are extremely alert when you need to be.

Are you more like Superman or Spiderman? Wolverine or Batman? Take the Ravenweb Superhero Survey to find out which superhero you most resemble.

Skip to main content. What Female Superhero Am I? Quiz Find out which fearless female superhero is most like you with this heroic quiz! Image by xmenmovies instagram.

Which Super Woman Do You Resemble?

There are two Marvel Comics characters with the superhero name Hawkeye. One is Clint Barton, who made the jump to the big screen in the first "Thor" movie. The second is Kate Bishop, who started out as a member of the "Young Avengers. Steven Strange's love interest, Christine Palmer. In those films, Holmes is played by Robert Downey Jr. In the comics, the Hulk has been gray and green, has turned from Bruce Banner due to sunset and then anger, and has been both of low intellect and very eloquent. Unfortunately for him, Scott was called back to the set of "Mission: Impossible II" for pick-up shooting for his villainous role, and couldn't be released to start shooting his mutant role.

Personality Quiz: Which Superhero Would You Be a Sidekick For?

The world of comic books and superheroes has long been dominated by men whose athletic frame and choice of attire has developed over time. With these developments has also come the rise of the female superhero, and though it has taken far too long to see, 's Wonder Woman saw the popularity of female characters explode. So much so that Marvel is now in talks to make a Black Widow film. It is long overdue considering how long her character has been involved in the franchise. Nevertheless, these women are finally receiving the recognition and big screen treatment that they deserve.



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Which Superhero Do You Most Resemble?


Which Superhero are you quiz Personality test to find out which superhero you are most similar to. Do you get in many physical fights with girls? No Yes.


What Female Superhero Am I? Quiz







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