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Boyfriend got another girl pregnant dream

I went storming off back home and he thought we were over, so decided he might as well go out with his mates. He met up with this girl in the pub. We both know her. She told me about it three weeks ago. I cried and cried when I confronted him about it.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: I Got Another Girl PREGNANT PRANK On Girlfriend!

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: My Boyfriend Got Another Girl Pregnant

I had a dream that my boyfriend got another girl pregnant?

New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. She told him she got pregnant on the pill, which I think is a lot of cod wallop.

I have tried to encourage him to stay with this woman soley because of this pregnancy, but he wants me and wants to marry me as he said all along, and he is furious with this woman for keeping the baby after only knowing each other two minutes. He told me he will obviously be paying for it but wants nothing to do with her OR the baby.

Dude, get away from this guy pronto! He sounds like bad news. Regardless of whether or not he wants to stay with this women he impregnanted, do NOT stay with him yourself! Sue Jones April 9, , am. He sounds a bit flakey. I assume from the debate that this has become a fact that was inferred due to the women being on birth control. Exactly; he sounds like a total loser, and how the hell would she ever be able to trust him going forward? Plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. Leroy April 9, , am.

Violet April 9, , pm. Leroy April 10, , am. Amanda April 9, , am. LW, your BF impregnates another woman AND you think that you are entitled to an opinion about whether she should keep her unborn child?

That is really fucked up. Your boyfriend is a scumbag and you should probably not have anything to do with him. You should be furious with him and dump his ass! BTW, has he heard about condoms?? Just a suggestion for your scumbag boyfriend. ColorsOfTheWind April 9, , am. The entire letter reeked of entitlement. Unfortunately, your boyfriend may have gotten another woman pregnant.

That is not her fault. The last time I checked it took more than one person to make a baby. What you would do in her situation is irrelevant. It upsets me how much anger seems to be directed towards this unborn child. But then again the child might be better off without such an jerk as a role model. As far as your relationship with him. Then, again you seem a tad immature so maybe you deserve each other. I agree with all of this. And to the LW — your boyfriend is not the victim in all of this.

Muffy April 9, , am. Solomon April 10, , pm. Exactly where is there a grown-up here? Because you sound about So what?

No loss there. Ugh so agree with Amanda. Why does anyone think they have a say in whether a woman aborts or keeps her child? Get your hands off my uterus! James Felix April 10, , pm. You pack of hypocrites. The man should have no say on whether or not she keeps the baby but she should have a LOT of say over his finances for the next 18 years.

Flexxie February 6, , pm. Simalar to me.. Oh thank you thank you thank you! I wanted to punch my computer screen while reading this and was so afraid the comments would not say what you are saying.

Vathena April 9, , am. CG April 9, , am. Remember that episode when Rachel told Ross she was pregnant and he freaked out because they used condoms? Good times. And is this letter for real? My Spidey sense is tingling that this could be a fake. Rachelgrace53 April 10, , pm. He chose to not wear a condom and now he has to be responsible for his choice.

This baby will need a dad, not just a check, and if he can walk away from this child he can walk away from you just as easily. This man seems to be both irresponsible and immature so be glad you can move on and not be stuck with him.

SpaceySteph April 9, , am. So much that he demanded his interim girlfriend get an abortion. He should get a damn vasectomy. Brad April 9, , pm. He ought to get a vesectomy since this guy is obviously carrying the manchild gene. No reason to pass that one along to future generations…. Brad April 10, , pm. And there are many things that can happen that make it even less effective, like forgetting a pill, taking antibiotics, etc.

It takes two people to make a baby and two people to decide what to do after one of them gets pregnant. If it is his child, he owes the child at least something. He did help create it. Can I just say that would bother me a lot.

So while you were on a break he had unprotected sex with just her or other people too? That fact just rubs me the wrong way.

Both parties should be concerned about birth control. It seems like you would be even more concerned about this when sleeping with someone you are non-monogamous with.

Anna April 9, , pm. So true. My sister has 3 birth control babies. But condoms should still be used unless the relationship is established and monogamous and both parties are disease-free.

Come on! Three babies? All magically on the pill? What the fuck ever. Gwen April 11, , pm. It happens, some people are incredibly fertile. I know one 40yr old lady who got pregnant after having her tubes tied. JK April 10, , am. Yammy April 9, , am. LW, this guy sounds like a scumbag.

He was clearly having unprotected sex with at least one other person. I know you two were on a break but I hope you made him get swabbed for STDs.

He was there just as much as that woman was. And he took on the consequences. John Rohan April 9, , am. He was broken up with her at that time, and had no agreement that they would get together in the future. If she did not use protection with him, or ask him to get tested when they got back together, that is no fault of his, imo.

Amber April 9, , pm. SweetPea April 9, , am.

10 Reasons Why You Dreamed Your Lover Was Cheating On You

Last Updated on Aug 25, After awakening from a cheating dream, your heart will be pounding through your chest, and you will feel a mix of emotions running through your head. What is even more frustrating, is you will see your partner sleeping peacefully beside you, unaware of the drama they just caused in your mind. How dare they! The hard part about interpreting dreams is that every dream must be looked at through an individual filter of the dreamer.

To some, dreams are scary, to others, dreams are pointless and to some others, dreams have a meaning. Well, whatever said and done, the world of dreams is rather strange and weird.

Caro is a social work graduate and Christian blogger. Caro was diagnosed bipolar at an early age and has worked as a case-manager and assistant activity director with the adult mentally ill population. In his early to mid twenties Caro began journaling as a coping mechanism to deal with the loss of his career and his girlfriend. His life long dream of helping people led him to attaining his Masters degree in social work and completing his first book "Dear Terra, Dear Lord. Account Options Sign in.

Interpretation of a dream about husband’s lover pregnant

As the dream book says, the pregnant mistress of your husband in a dream does not always indicate infidelity of your spouse. The interpretations of the sign often have the opposite meaning: an irrepressible baseless jealousy can bring trouble. At the same time, the symbol makes it known that not everything is smooth in your relationship, perhaps the image is a reflection of a lack of love. Miller explains dreams about seeing your rival pregnant as the issues in business and social spheres. The unseemly act committed by indiscretion will create a resonance, will cause the contempt of friends. Some old dreambooks consider the main danger to be moral degradation of the family, the result of which will be quarrels , a noticeable deterioration of financial position, loss of status. Marital secrets are not necessarily related to personal life.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Someone Else Being Pregnant

To dream of a baby represents virtue, comfort, and starting over. Babies embody all aspects of your personality and character that are untainted and chaste. If you see your own baby in the dream, it means you need to be more careful and concerned about yourself. Fragile and vulnerable aspects of you may present some difficulties down the road like adjusting to a new surrounding or society. If your baby is sick with a fever in the dream, then this implies emotional distress.

Safety first, Salome.

What should we do? What you should know: I believe in balancing health and happiness. What should How do you watch your boyfriend experience this amazing and unconditional

Your Turn: “He Got Another Woman Pregnant While We Were on a Break!”

At 29, you have more than a dozen years of fertility left, which is more than enough time to find a decent man — NOT the guy who cheated on you when you were planning a wedding and then got someone else pregnant — to settle down and have babies with. A part of me just wishes it would go away. What should I do? You can follow me on Facebook here and sign up for my weekly newsletter here.

Last Updated on Aug 31, Most people can remember a dream when they woke up in a pile of sweat, furious at the person lying next to them. Unbeknownst to your partner, you just had a dream that they were in the arms of another woman or man. If one spouse accuses the other of cheating because of a dream, it can cause a lot of problems in a relationship. Have you ever dreamed about your ex? Dreaming about cheating or being cheated on is one of the most commonly reported, and most disturbing dreams, for people in relationships.

My boyfriend got another girl pregnant and I’m not sure I can cope with him having a love child

I had been dating my boyfriend Rob for about a week when he made this pronouncement. Rob has never been anything other than totally upfront about his life. He is divorced, he is a dad to an autistic son, he survived a heart attack, and he is in a seven-year polyamorous relationship with his girlfriend. The guy was supposed to be my rebound, not my polyamorous boyfriend. I met him just a week after having my heart broken by my last boyfriend. I just wanted to hook up, play the field, something that I a serial monogamist have never done before.

he was entertaining another girl. What category would this dream fall into? The boyfriend is not getting married to the new woman in reality, but marriage can A pregnant woman who dreams of eating meat may literally have a need for.

Richmond, a behavioral therapist who writes a column for the Los Angeles Times and hosts a TV talk show, gathers a wealth of information on dreams and dreaming. First and foremost is the statement Leer comentario completo. Account Options Sign in. Cynthia Richmond.

I had a dream my boyfriend got another girl pregnant?

New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. She told him she got pregnant on the pill, which I think is a lot of cod wallop. I have tried to encourage him to stay with this woman soley because of this pregnancy, but he wants me and wants to marry me as he said all along, and he is furious with this woman for keeping the baby after only knowing each other two minutes.

Last night I saw my boy dream embracing, caressing and kissing another girl and I got angry a lot. Why dream of seeing my boyfriend, my husband, my boyfriend who goes to bed with a woman who does not know or with a man, a boy? Last night I dreamed the betrayal of my loving companion.

What should we do?

What does it mean when you have a dream that your boyfriend got another girl pregnant? SB-9 When is a sailboat the stand-on vessel in relations to a recreational power boat. What was your impression of the limousine drivers interaction with Adam in cattle car complex. All Rights Reserved.



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