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LIVE: Brand New, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR

Brand New // Photo Credit: Hollister Dixon

Brand New // Photo Credit: Hollister Dixon

By Hollister Dixon

Brand New occupy a very specific, very big place in my heart. I first heard the bombastic, pop punk gem of a record Your Favorite Weapon at roughly 16, and enjoyed it quite a lot. Then I discovered the very heartfelt and dynamic Deja Entendu, and fell head over heels in love with the band. Not long after falling in love, they released their third record, the wildly different and incredibly mature The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, an album so far removed in every way from Your Favorite Weapon that it may as well not even be the same band. This also includes the band’s last record, Daisy, which could be described as “impenetrable” (and has, by my showgoing companion/FOTR contributor/only real Brand New fan I know Jordan Portlock), which continues that trek away from those wry, goofy pop punk roots. The last time Brand New stopped by Portland was the 2011 incarnation of MusicFest Northwest, and at that point, Daisy was already two years old. And, despite being five years removed from that record, and despite having no new material to speak of, it seemed like as good of a time as any for the band to come back to Portland – and a good reason for me to fall back in love with Jesse Lacey’s words.

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Episode 96: One Hit

Thanks to Jacob Heiteen for joining us this week! You can listen to the episode above, or download it right here.


  • One-Hit Wonders
  • What exactly makes something a “one-hit wonder”? What qualifies as a “hit”?
  • Where do one-hit wonders come from? Why do they become so popular?
  • Can a song be a one-hit wonder if produced by a highly popular/influential band?
  • Do record sales/airplay work as a way to judge if a song is or isn’t a one-hit wonder, or even just a “hit”?
  • What makes a song a “hit” in the first place?
  • Do they still exist in the internet age? Does a YouTube play count tell you as much as sales used to?
  • Why do people love the concept of the “one-hit wonder” so much?


  • John Williams – “Jurassic Park Theme”
  • Len – “Steal My Sunshine”
  • Swans – “Song For a Warrior”
  • Castanets – “Tell Them Memphis”

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