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LIVE: Diarrhea Planet, Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA

By Gabriel Mathews

Dear Lisa Prank

No, this is not cute. No, Frankie Cosmos’ recent success does not mean it is time for a “naive music” revival. No, your cover of “Dammit” did not make up for it. No, the charm of early Best Coast did not lie in the poorly played guitar. No.


Dear Those Darlins,

I’d never listened to you guys before this show, but I’d always assumed you were not for me, as people describe you as basically “X with jokes.” I have to give you credit for simultaneously living up to this reputation and being quite good, because who woulda thunk X with jokes would be any good? I’m sorry the mix was kind of off and that your second singer was pretty much inaudible, because I felt like the interplay between the two vocalists would have been cooler with better sound. In any case, your frontwoman has serious swag, and I was consistently amused. So, thanks.


Dear Diarrhea Planet,

Pretty much all I knew about you guys going in was that you have like eight guitarists and that Titus Andronicus namedrop you on “In A Small Body.” Sorta sad to see that it was only four guitarists, come on guys. But honestly, I had a blast watching y’all play. Here’s a list of my favorite moments from your set:
-When guitarist 1 swung his instrument around his neck and nearly brained the bassist. Risky!
-When guitarist 3 told us that a song was “about reality.”
-Pretty much every other explanation of what songs were about.
-Every single drum hit. Please tell your drummer he is a monster.
-When guitarist 3 and the bassist had a coordinated high-five.
-Mid-song guitar swap toss.
-The constant calling out of the dude in the yellow, demanding that he crowd surf.
-The reveal that dude in yellow was guitarist 2’s dad.
-The plea by guitarist 2 to be careful with said dad, “Careful with the back, careful with the knees! I still need him afterwards!”
-Calling said dad and possibly others, “Diarrhea Parents.”
-The moment when dad finally did successfully crowd surf for a whole five seconds.
-The look of relief on guitarist 2’s face when dad was placed safely on the ground.
-The riffs.
-The riffs.
-The riffs!

Point being, you guys were pretty great. Kinda like six Andrew W.K.’s all at once. Keep up the good work.


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