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BONUS EPISODE: Faces On The Road-io vs. Jeff Mangum

Here’s a bonus episode of Faces on the Radio, part of which was recorded in Eugene, OR, during Jeff Mangum’s performance. We (Hollister, Kelly, and Cannon Riggs) recorded a 13 minute late-night dispatch to accompany these recordings, but technical difficulties ruined this recording. Included instead is a 1o-minutes-shorter recap of the performance, recorded live in Hollister’s living room.

Kelly Dixon managed to record the entire set, and included in the episode is three of Mangum’s songs, “Holland, 1945” / “Two-Headed Boy Part 2” and “Gardenhead.” These recordings were captured on the fly, and the quality is not pristine, but it is still an incredible memento of an incredible performance.

In addition to that, many thanks to New York’s Tall Firs for providing us with an intro for this episode!

Enjoy the show! You can listen above, or right-click HERE to download.

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