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Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016: The Zack Perry Report




The Gorge Amphitheater at Dusk // Credit: Zack Perry

By Zack Perry // All Photos by Zack Perry

Author’s Note: While this began as an outline for a piece that was going to be much more conventional and formal, I realized that this outline encapsulated the energy of Sasquatch better than any conventional write-up. Sasquatch is a festival of such incredible magnitude that the magic all blurs together – everything that winds up standing out is just a moment in time. Sasquatch is just this 5 day stretch of time threaded together by one incredible moment after another, there really is no conventional way to capture it. I don’t claim or pretend to believe that the way I recount my experience is the “proper” way to do it, I just believe it’s the one that best suits me. So, please, enjoy.

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Episode 110: The Separation

Amit 161 crop

Thanks to Amit Gordon for joining us this week! You can listen to the episode above, or download it right here.


  • The separation between art and the artist making it
  • Can an artist’s actions make it difficult, or even impossible, to justify supporting their art?
  • In the case of an artist’s words preventing enjoyment, do intent and context make it possible to ignore those words?
  • When their actions are only morally wrong, rather than illegal, is it as necessary to draw a line on supporting the artist?
  • Does finding out about those actions in real-time change the situation, as opposed to finding out about it after everything is said and done?


  • Rolling Stones – “All Down the Line”
  • Sun Kil Moon – “War On Drugs Suck My Cock”
  • Purity Ring – “Push Pull”
  • The Small Faces – “Itchycoo Park”

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