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Just As Was Told: Lift To Experience Detail Definitive Reissue of The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads


By Hollister Dixon

This is the story of three Texas boys: in 2001, the Denton, TX band Lift To Experience – comprised of guitarist Josh T. Pearson, drummer Andy “The Boy” Young, and bassist Josh “The Bear” Browning released their stunning, singular statement, the double album The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, wall-of-sound tale of Jesus Christ coming back to earth and finding himself in Texas. The band didn’t last more than a few years, but in the 15 years since Crossroads was released, the album has become one of the great unheard records of the 21st century. Earlier this year, the band reunited for just a moment to play a handful of shows, including the Meltdown Festival in London, at the behest of Elbow frontman (and Pearson bandmate in Western Arms) Guy Garvey.

In honor of their own personal Second Coming, as well as to mark the 15th anniversary of the release of Crossroads, the band have detailed a mammoth, definitive reissue of the album. Crossroads was originally recorded live to tape, but the band have gone back into the studio to give the album the mix it deserves. Josh T. Pearson explains, “We went back to the studio, neck deep in the heart of Texas, where Lift recorded The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads – remixing the album the way it should have be mixed originally. It’s good to have our balls back after years spent being castrated.”

The reissue of Crossroads will be out February 3rd, 2017 on Mute Records in three forms: CD, LP, and a beautifully expansive vinyl box set, which will feature Lift To Experience’s classic 04/15/2001 Peel session as well as their demo EP from 1997.

After the jump, you can listen to the remastered “Just As Was Told”, check out the brand new artwork for the reissue, an homage to the Texas-based graphics design studio Pen & Pixel famed for their 90’s Southern gangsta rap album covers, and see the tracklists for each of the three reissues. In addition, you can check out their new interview with The Quietus right here. Continue reading

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