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LIVE: Slowdive, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR


Slowdive // Photo Credit: Yousef Hatlani

By Hollister Dixon

The relationship between time and music is a very strange one. Given enough time, any band can find their moment in the sun, and build up enough of a fanbase to make a reunion a viable idea; or, as Autumn Andel put it succinctly in her review of Slowdive’s performance: “Only time is the most reliable critic.” In the case of Slowdive, time has been incredibly kind. So, for those who weren’t aware of the band’s past, here’s a quick history lesson: Slowdive began in 1989, got a chance to put out three albums (’91’s Just For a Day, ’93’s Souvlaki, and ’95’s Pygmalion), and got screwed over by their US label (SBK records, who pushed back releases and pulled funding for tours) on several occasions. The records failed to sell, and reviews ranged from saying Souvlaki would “undoubtedly go down in industry history as one of the laziest ever”, to statements like “This record is a soulless void[…] I would rather drown choking in a bath full of porridge than ever listen to it again”. The band broke up in 1995, not long after Creation Records dropped them due to Pygmalion failing commercially. Really, I can’t blame them, and it’s a wonder they ever looked back after everything.

That should have been the end. But, thanks to the passage of time, and the invent of the internet, Slowdive found themselves a following. Which is how we get from a failed shoegaze band from Reading to a show-stopping, sold-out show playing behemoths. Though tastes may change, a great record will always be a great record, and a great band will always be a great band. Continue reading

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