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Episode 118: The Small Faces

Hey everybody! Due to some scheduling conflicts, we decided to take a small break last week and this week (sorta!) to get our bearings again. However, we didn’t want to leave you folks empty handed, so we present to you this brief episode, in which we talk about everything we’ve been up to in the last couple weeks, and what we’ll be up to this week. Enjoy!


  • Prodigy – “Return of the Mac”
  • Mr. Bones – “You Don’t Have a Skull of Your Own”
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Episode 110: The Separation

Amit 161 crop

Thanks to Amit Gordon for joining us this week! You can listen to the episode above, or download it right here.


  • The separation between art and the artist making it
  • Can an artist’s actions make it difficult, or even impossible, to justify supporting their art?
  • In the case of an artist’s words preventing enjoyment, do intent and context make it possible to ignore those words?
  • When their actions are only morally wrong, rather than illegal, is it as necessary to draw a line on supporting the artist?
  • Does finding out about those actions in real-time change the situation, as opposed to finding out about it after everything is said and done?


  • Rolling Stones – “All Down the Line”
  • Sun Kil Moon – “War On Drugs Suck My Cock”
  • Purity Ring – “Push Pull”
  • The Small Faces – “Itchycoo Park”

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