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Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016: The Zack Perry Report




The Gorge Amphitheater at Dusk // Credit: Zack Perry

By Zack Perry // All Photos by Zack Perry

Author’s Note: While this began as an outline for a piece that was going to be much more conventional and formal, I realized that this outline encapsulated the energy of Sasquatch better than any conventional write-up. Sasquatch is a festival of such incredible magnitude that the magic all blurs together – everything that winds up standing out is just a moment in time. Sasquatch is just this 5 day stretch of time threaded together by one incredible moment after another, there really is no conventional way to capture it. I don’t claim or pretend to believe that the way I recount my experience is the “proper” way to do it, I just believe it’s the one that best suits me. So, please, enjoy.

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Episode 136: In Ballrooms & Crowded Bars

Colin 016

Thanks to Colin Sanders for joining us this week! You can listen above, or download the episode right here!


  • Live Music!
  • This week, we attempt to unpack everything we love about seeing live music performed, the reasons we still go out to see bands perform whenever possible, the “ones that got away”, and a lot more.


  • Beck – “Dreams”
  • The Nerves – “When You Find Out”
  • Rod – “Laundromat”
  • Ornette Coleman – “Lonely Woman”

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Episode 135: Lost In The Stream

Colin 098

Big thanks to Colin McLaughlin for joining us this week! You can listen to this episode above, or download the episode right here.

And, friendly reminder: you can also subscribe to us via iTunes! Just click right here to head over.


  • Streaming and the future of digital music
  • Is the current business model for digital music working?
  • Is streaming paying the artist enough?
  • How has the relationship people have with music changed?
  • How much is music worth?


  • Yo La Tengo – “Deeper Into Movies” (Stuff Like That There version)
  • Rolling Stones – “Get Off Of My Cloud”
  • Sufjan Stevens – “Eugene”
  • Ryley Walker – “Primrose Green”

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Sufjan Stevens is Coming to Portland!

By Hollister Dixon

One of the most wonderful things about Sufjan Stevens is that you never quite know what to expect from him, both on record and live. He’s someone who has swung wildly from intimate and banjo-intensive, to heavily-orchestrated or even downright epic, all with the same level of passion and dedication. His live shows aren’t any different; I personally have seen him on two occasions: the first of which being a neon-lit blowout at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on the Age of Adz tour, and again at the Aladdin Theater, where he brought the house down with a show almost entirely populated with Christmas songs, with a stage that looked like a thrift store had exploded all over it and the massive Song Wheel he’d brought with him. The latter ended with him climbing a stack of speakers while inflatable unicorns bounced around the crowd.

Stevens’ career has been littered with gigantic gaps in activity, occasionally peppered with odd projects he’s worked on, but the release of an actual, full-on album feels like an event now, considering his forthcoming record, Carrie & Lowell, is only his second studio album in the decade (!) since Illinois came out. And, of course, a new album means that you’ve got a fantastic chance to catch him in a live setting.

This April, Stevens will embark on a lengthy tour of North America in support of Carrie & Lowell, which will include a stop here in Portland, right back at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, on June 8th. Tickets for the show go onsale this Friday, January 30th, and you can read more about the show right over here.

After the jump, you can check out Asthmatic Kitty’s trailer for Carrie & Lowell – which will be out March 31st on Asthmatic Kitty Records, and check out the rest of his tour dates.

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