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LIVE: La Femme, The Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA


La Femme // Photo Credit: Henry Smith

By Henry Smith

The “up-and-coming” status of Echo Park has The Echo and The Echoplex to thank.  Between the two busy venues and their next door neighbor, Origami Vinyl, Echo Park has a fresh hub for music.  The larger Echoplex is located directly beneath The Echo and is only accessible through an alley off of Glendale Boulevard.  I had had a few beers and was unaware of this Hogwarts entrance.  Amblingaround the block again and again, I finally saw a man wearing an Echoplex polo.
“Hey, excuse me,” I asked him, “Where is The Echoplex?”
“It’s right here,” he laughed, “You’re here for La Femme?”  I nodded quickly and hustled in.  As soon as I made it through the entrance, I realized what all the hype was about.  The space was decked out to entertain with a sizable stage, a deep floor with two bars, and plenty of standing tables scattered about.  This was the perfect place to present the mysterious, synth-surf Frenchies, La Femme.

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